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I’m thrilled you wanted to learn more about Coaching with me! 

I’m Dara, the founder of Fit To Shine, and I’m really excited you’re here to learn more about what I do and how you can do it too. 

I’ve been the overwhelmed, exhausted, barely keeping her head above water mom. I’ve looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the girl staring back at me…not her body, not her soul. I want you to remember how strong you are. I want you to know what your body is capable of. I want you to enjoy your family, enjoy your LIFE right where you’re at. I want you to live your best life today. Starting now.

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VIDEO #1: What Is a Coach and What Do We Do Daily?

Back in 2010, my husband played professional baseball. One evening, while hanging out with other players and their wives after an away game, we found ourselves talking about our dreams, visions, and goals for our lives. One of his teammates turned to me and said "Dara, what's your dream?" ... cue the awkward silence. Check out the full story in my video below!

VIDEO #2: Three Reasons I Did NOT Think This Would Work For Me

I don't know about you....but I had a LOT of misconceptions before I got started. There are 3 things that I was most worried about: 

1) I was two months postpartum with twins (hint: I didn't have a Beachbody).

2) I didn't want to be another network marketer on social media. (Network marketing is a legitimate business, however, I wanted to do it differently.)

3) TIME! I was a mom of 3 babies, how do you make this work? The truth does take time. It's not easy, but it's simple. You get to work hard on your timeline and work the business in a way that fits with your lifestyle and priorities.

More INCOME Progressions!!

VIDEO #3: Compensation and PERKS! How does a Coach Earn?

Let's talk about the money!!! When I got started, I had such low expectations and I knew I didn't have the time to put in a TON of work. In the first month, I received a check of $300. From there, I fell in love with the process. Here's what happened after...

FRIENDSHIP & COMMUNITY is one of the biggest perks of this coaching gig