May 28, 2018

The 21 Day Fix Meal Plan focuses on healthy foods and portion control. As a result, you’ll see a lot of foods that you usually wouldn’t see on a diet plan. But what about the items that go on the food? I’ll give you a quick rundown of which ones are approved and what the approved substitutes are, but I want to give this one misunderstood condiment some special attention.

21 Day Fix Condiments


Forget about store-bought mayo. You know that anything that can sit on a grocery shelf for months at a time is filled with preservatives and other nasty stuff. Fortunately, there is a 21 Day Fix mayo recipe that is easy to make.

You can also check the latest 21 Day Fix approved foods list for other options. Some 21 Day Fixed Condiments like mayos are now made with avocado which has a very creamy texture (it is excellent in tuna). Just make sure that avocado mayo doesn’t use up too many of your container counts. But you can’t go wrong with 21 Day Fix mayo.

Ketchup and Mustard

Mustard is a free food, so put it on whatever you would like. However, there are now several varieties of mustards, so double check ingredients if you are looking at honey or Dijon mustard.

Ketchup is a tricky one. Your regular every-day ketchups are no good because most of them have a ton of sugar in them. However, there are a few store-bought kinds of ketchup that have no sugar added (Heinz has a good one, as does G Hughes). You could also make your own 21 Day Fix-approved ketchup.

Those are the three main condiments that you would typically use on mains and sides on your 21 Day Fix meal plan. But remember, whether it is mayo or approved dressings and other spices, make sure that you measure them correctly. Then go out and enjoy your fully-flavored and sauced foods!

So you see you don’t have to do DRY for this meal plan, there are a ton of options out there for 21 Day Fix condiments

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