October 20, 2017

Body Beast Weight Training

You might not think that Beachbody workouts would be geared towards weight training. But guess what! They do and it is BODY BEAST the best weight training program from Beachbody.

Body Beast –The Best weight training program from Beachbody

If you’re looking to get lean and build muscle, this program is for you. To do so, you need about 30 minutes a day, a set of dumbbells, and 90 days in total—that combo creates some serious muscle-building results.

The plan requires weight training six days a week and progresses through three blocks of workouts so you continuously challenge your body and keep building muscle. Each workout focuses on a different major muscle group (like biceps and triceps, legs, or shoulders) for a total of 12 workouts.

The program created by champion bodybuilder and trainer Sagi Kalev. The workout has become popular with those who are serious about their commitment to building more muscle mass and sculpting a ripped body.

Body Beast Teaser

Body Beast Transformation Results

Check out some of these video reviews from others that have worked his program and are happy with their results.

Clearly from watching the teaser and various transformational results Body Beast is leading the pack as Best Weight Training Program from Beachbody.

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