April 13, 2018

I believe that mindset is the most powerful thing you can exercise when trying to get healthy. And the most important thing to get your head around is the fact that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet!

Having a healthy mindset around food and your relationship with it is the way to go. There is a new Nutrition Program out called 2B Mindset. It was created for those that have trouble losing weight due to their mindset. This means emotional eating, becoming more aware of what your body wants versus what it needs.

Stop the cycle of dieting sabotage, this is not a diet but a Mindset Shift.

Get all the right tools to help you shift your Mindset to A Healthy Mindset.

Despite what those exaggerated infomercials selling the next gadget say; working out to undo poor food choices is a total waste of time (and money!)

The food companies are just as guilty of misleading consumers into thinking they can eat their ‘food’ products and become healthy. These companies are driven purely by profit and they label their products as foods that will properly fuel our bodies; low fat, low calorie, etc.

But the truth is, it’s not “food“. It’s processed junk that has absolutely zero value for your body.

It’s nothing more than a chemical concoction, created in a factory somewhere that wreaks havoc on our systems and only serves to feed disease; not our bodies.

I’ve taught group exercise classes for years and despite killing it every week, I see so many people remain in the exact same shape, even a decade later. What’s going wrong? I don’t get to help everyone learn about nutrition (even though I’d love to!) so week after week, I see people who have probably overindulged on the weekend, and are now trying to burn off those pizzas, pies, and sodas. And it’s just so sad, and disheartening to witness.

You CANNOT out-train a bad diet!

In my own experience, the MOST dramatic body transformations have ALWAYS come from a diet shift. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying stop going to the gym. Far from it.

Exercise is great for the heart, joints, muscles, and respiratory system. Not to mention giving you a great feeling of overall well being, But without the right intake of food, it will have very little effect on your waistline or your health situation.

Now, when you combine the two – a healthy food intake and the right exercise – wow, watch out, because amazing things will happen!!!!

So how can you ignore mainstream media’s bad advice about diet and weight loss?

My Top 5 Tips For A Healthy Mindset:

1. Surround Yourself With The Right People

If you know your co-workers eat pizza for lunch every Friday, sit in another part of the office (or go for a walk instead).

If your weekend family gatherings are centered around unhealthy food options (hot dogs, takeaways, beer, and sodas, etc.) take your own healthy option, and explain what you’re trying to achieve. Or make an excuse and avoid the get-togethers for a while until you feel more confident with your new healthier lifestyle.

Join groups, or choose to hang out with people who have similar, positive mindsets who won’t drag you down. This can be a tough one as we often find it’s easier to stick with our established ‘tribe’ but honestly if others are not in the same place as you, it’s only a matter of time before you’re back to those unhealthy ways.

2. Decide What The End Goal Is – And Focus On It

You’ll be much more likely to succeed if you focus on things like a clearer state of mind, being medication-free, able to walk the block without getting out of breath – instead of getting obsessed with losing a defined amount of weight.

3. Figure Out Your ‘WHY’

This is different from your end goal. This is what’s driving you to make positive changes to your health and lifestyle. Children? An illness? An age milestone? Whatever has led you here, figure it out, and embrace it.

4. Identify Your Hurdles

And work with them. Do you find it hard to get out of bed early in the winter? Manage your workout schedule around this. Do you struggle to avoid unhealthy snacks when your sports team is playing? Change the pattern by filling up on your favorite healthy meals in advance. Watch the game somewhere else to avoid the same routine.

We all have something that makes us procrastinate or reach for unhealthy food, so be honest about what your stumbling blocks are and figure out a way around them.

4. Start Trusting In Your Body

Don’t ignore those little niggles any longer because our bodies have an amazing way of telling us that something’s not working, but most of us find it hard to channel that kind of listening, and it definitely takes practice.

Do you have pain somewhere that medication isn’t fixing? Do you feel ‘off’ after pigging out on your beloved junk foods (are they really making you happy??) Do you constantly suffer unexplained headaches, muscle pain, or ‘blurriness’?

Your body is giving you the signs, you just have to be open to listening.

Stop looking in the wrong places (i.e. low-fat foods and fitness gadgets) to fix your health and weight issues. Taking a look at your attitude and mindset towards weight loss and a healthy, lasting lifestyle is the first step towards a new, brighter, happier, healthier, (and probably leaner) you!

Get all the right tools to help you shift your Mindset to A Healthy Mindset. Ask Me more about healthy mindset and Beachbody Nutritional Program so I can help you shift into a healthy space both mind and body.

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