January 21, 2022

Are you tired of feeling like a zombie during the day? You’re physically tired, irritable, and can’t seem to clear the fog that has invaded your brain. Good news! There is a simple solution to your problem: put better quality foods into your body. More specifically, eat food that keeps calories low but gives you tons of energy!

Just like your car wouldn’t run right if you put Crisco in your car next time you needed an oil change, your body can’t perform at its best if you fill it with unhealthy foods.

Healthy Fats

Did you know that our brains are made up of at least 60% fat? When we don’t give our bodies enough healthy fats our brains can feel sluggish and lethargic because they are being deprived of vital nutrients.

When our brain is getting healthy fats it needs it energizes our whole body. Start incorporating healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, tree nuts, nut butter, and even dark chocolate (like you need an excuse). Your brain will thank you for it and it will give your body tons of energy.

More Water (less sugar and caffeine)

If you’re looking for foods that are low in calories, you can’t get much lower in calories than water. Just like eating healthy fats supports brain function, water helps your body operate at optimal function.

Your body is at least 60% water and will become dehydrated if you consume too much caffeine and sugary drinks and not enough water. This will cause your body to feel fatigued and stagnant. Drinking at least a gallon of water a day will keep your body energized and functioning properly (along with about a million other benefits).

If you’re struggling to get enough water, try squeezing some fruit in your water or even try coconut water instead. Whatever you need to do to get more water, just do it!

Plant-Based Foods

Have you ever noticed that the top ten superfoods are all plant-based? This can’t be a coincidence, right?

If you’re looking for the most nutrient-packed foods in the world, look no further than the produce section of your grocery store. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds will give you more bang for your buck than anything else you will buy. Not only are these foods low in calories, but these nutrient-dense foods will also give you a ton of natural energy. Put more plant-based foods in your diet and you will not regret it.

What Not to Eat

If you’re like most people, you have a love/hate relationship with carbohydrates. You love how they taste, but you hate how they make you feel after. While simple carbs may give you a short burst of energy, you’re only harming your body in the long run. If your body doesn’t burn all the energy from the carbs you eat, guess what happens to it. Your body stores it as fat! This is definitely not good news for your energy levels (or your waistline).

This one is probably obvious but I’m gonna say it anyway. Stay away from junk food! It literally does nothing good for your body. It is high in calories and low in any kind of nutritional value. It does your body more harm than good and makes your body feel horrible and comatose after eating it. Just stay away.

When you’re wanting tons of energy without tons of calories, stick with plant-based whole foods. Your body needs these nutrient-rich foods to perform at its optimal level and give you the energy you need to be your best self.

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