September 26, 2022

Do you know that delicate little walk you do when you have a bowl full of liquid? It’s like this nervous ridged shuffle so you don’t slosh it down the sides and onto the floor.

That balancing game we play is the same as being a mom and entrepreneur. Our bowl is darn near the tipping point!

I’m far from having all of the answers — but here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me manage to get to the table before I spill all over the carpet.

Master Your Schedule

Let me ask you this —

Are you honest with yourself about your schedule?

As much as we would like to be in two places at once, it’s just not possible.Make sure you’re giving yourself grace with your schedule. Be honest about how long something will take.

The last thing you want is having a fitness session to end at 3:00 and you have to pick little Jimmy up at 3:15. We don’t need any speeding tickets.

Do you make adjustments when you need to?

Random things come up all the time. You know that school play that’s coming up? Yeah — you need to find green tights and a scarf before Thursday now. I know you may not want to leave any gaps in your time, but it’s good to be prepared for the unexpected.

Having a schedule helps keep things organized. It’s nice when we can stick to it. But don’t be afraid to make adjustments if it’s going to work out better for you to do so.

Life happens!

Don’t Do It Alone

Moms — how many times have you thought to ask for help, but instead said “I’ll just do it”?

We tend to feel like we can handle it, that it’s more of a struggle to ask for help then just do it ourselves. But why would we carry a bunch of apples in our arms if we have a basket?

I want to have a big banner over the sky for every mom to read — Ask For Help When You Need It!

Ways to spread out your tasks…

➡ Work with your partner on your schedule. You guys are a team!

➡ Ask friends and family for support. We forget that our tribe would be happy to help.

➡ Get the kids involved! Working as a family unit is important.

➡ If your business includes other people, don’t be shy to delegate tasks.

➡ Use apps and other digital tools to help you organize.

➡ Find shortcuts (order ahead pickup at the grocery store can be a lifesaver).

There are lots of ways to make things easier on yourself! Do some arranging with the people in your life. Use tools and shortcuts. It’ll make things less stressful overall.

Give Yourself Breathing Room

I can’t stress this enough. Make time for yourself — You deserve breaks!

✓ Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

✓ Stay hydrated

✓ Take moments to stretch

✓ Step outside for some fresh air

✓ Walk the dog

✓ Get your workout session in

✓ Take time for meals

It may seem impossible or that there’s “just not enough time for that” — but these things are necessary. Taking care of yourself should be your top priority. Being physically and mentally well will only benefit you and the people around you.

Take a little “me” time.

Set Boundaries

The worst thing that you can do for yourself, your family, and your business is to let things blend into one another without any separation. It would be like combining all different items in your pantry into a smoothie. Ick!

  • Have dedicated family time
  • Keep work at work
  • When working, make sure people respect that time
  • Don’t let things interrupted YOU time
  • Make sure things aren’t cutting into your sleep, meals, and fitness hour
  • Set times aside for other friends and loved ones

Balance is key — And so are boundaries. You’ll be happy you created those spaces for all the different parts of your life.

You’ve Got This

✓ Plan

✓ Schedule

✓ Delegate

✓ Expect the unexpected

✓ Adjust when necessary

✓ Set boundaries

✓ Take time for yourself

Get your community on board with supporting your time and schedule. Speak up when you need to. Find balance.

You can do it!

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