February 22, 2022

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you’re not always going to feel confident and comfortable with how things are going. Just like in any area of life, productivity and motivation will come and go, but how do you keep your eyes on the prize and let your inspiration take the wheel in moments of doubt?

Figuring out why you’re feeling unmotivated or low in confidence is the first step to fixing this issue and moving on with the process of being the amazing woman you are! Start by asking yourself what part of your business venture feels stagnant? What do you think could use a re-fresh? Is it something specific like a product or service? Or could it be a process or strategy you’ve implemented that could be improved upon? Once you’ve come up with one or a few things that you think might be affecting your confidence levels, write them down and work through the following steps to tackle your doubts.


One of the easiest ways to ease your insecurities or anxieties about a situation is to learn about it. The more you know about something, the less intimidating it will seem. Whether you’re confused about your market or you’re struggling to come up with a new marketing strategy, you can ALWAYS do some research. Find out what other businesses in your niche are doing and how they’re reacting to the market as it changes. Track your progress and downfalls and research ways to create a more steady flow. There are endless ways to increase confidence and build a stronger foundation just by learning more about the things that may be holding you back. Knowledge is power!

Set Reminders and To-Do’s (TOP 3)

Let’s face it – busy momtrepreneurs like us are never going to be able to remember EVERYTHING on our own. Sometimes, your setbacks are completely your fault. Ouch, right? But it’s true! Juggling a busy schedule with a family and a job is no easy feat, so when you forget to do something important that is business-related, it’s definitely going to throw you off and make you feel like you’ve taken 10 steps backwards. There are some super easy strategies that can help you keep your to-do’s in order and also ensure that you actually complete all of them!

Start your day with a to-do list. If you want, try making one the night before so you can start the minute you wake up! Write down a few things or make a reminder’s list on your phone before you go to bed. It’ll also help you sleep better since you know you’ll see a reminder in the morning. Your mind will be at ease, looking forward to a productive day without the clutter of trying to hold onto those to-do’s in your sleep.

Depending on what your to-do’s look like, you might want to have a list strictly for personal/home life and one for work. Separating your tasks can help you delegate some things that need to be done to your family members, or your coworkers. Sometimes you don’t realize that asking for help can actually take off a lot of the pressure, especially if it’s something you can easily hand off to another person for assistance.

Pro Tip: If you find yourself with a rather long list of reminders or to-do’s, try implementing a strategy where each day you highlight or put a star next to the 5 most important tasks that MUST get done today. This way you can carry the remaining tasks into the next day if you don’t have time, but you’ve already completed the tricky or urgent tasks.

Take A Break!

You might be asking yourself, “Why would I take a break if I’m not feeling productive? Shouldn’t I pick up the pace and increase my productivity, instead?” For some people, that totally works. For me, sometimes I just need a quick break! Sometimes it’s a half hour to myself while I escape for a quick walk, and other times I take my mind off of something for a couple of days. Feeding into the feelings of doubt and continually questioning your productivity will only exacerbate the situation in many cases.

I challenge you to allow yourself to take a break from your business for even just a few minutes. Focus not on your family, or your other responsibilities, but on yourself and how you feel. Taking a break is the perfect chance to recharge and remind yourself of your “why”.

Accomplishments and Affirmations

Finally, the best and easiest way to increase your productivity is to tell yourself that you’re a rockstar! You have to trust in your abilities and be your own cheerleader each and every day. It’s great to hear it from other people, but have you ever realized how great it actually feels to be proud of yourself for what you accomplished on your own? That feeling trumps any other validation in my book.

If you’re struggling to find that feeling of confidence and accomplishment, take some time to recognize your strengths and your previous accomplishments. You are not at square one, even if it feels like it. Your journey has ups and downs and you are capable of conquering all of them. Start by telling yourself each day that you are grateful for the opportunities you have had and will have, and that you are successful enough to accomplish any and all of your goals.

Words have so much power and you can speak your truth into existence if you work and believe in your abilities. Just look how far you have come!

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