July 15, 2019

How to Exercise When Depressed and Win:  6Tips

I read an article recently about the struggles to exercise when depressed. I am sure most everyone has experienced some level of depression in their life. Depression feels different to everyone, but as I was reading... I thought this was really important to share because it can be so helpful for all of us when we hit a spot in our life and struggling with depression.

Here’s the thing, It’s really hard to get to work out when depressed. It feels like to exercise is a lot of work and often when depressed a large component if feeling exhausted.

But the truth is that psychologists and therapists alike encourage their clients to move and exercise even if only for a few minutes.

Benefits of Exercise When Depressed?

Nothing torches depression faster than a socialization-exercise COMBO, because socializing = increased oxytocin = STIMULATING parasympathetic nervous system = decreased stress!! And exercise = endorphins = pain relief!!! And again, I know this isn’t enough for everyone’s depression, but it is certainly a beautiful natural remedy once you can get started…

Here are 6 Tips To Exercise When Depressed

Make it as easy as possible for yourself.

“The hardest thing is task initiation—to get started,” Forand tells me. Give yourself a chance to succeed by setting up your environment in a way where it makes it easier to do the hard thing.”
Hence, wearing the running attire to bed. If I’m already dressed, all my depressed, sluggish ass needs to do is to walk out the door. Do whatever you need to do to eliminate all obstacles that could make you want to give up and go back to bed, he says

Set yourself up to succeed and if you need to sleep in your gym clothes, and have your gym bag ready and by the door. Maybe you work out at home, have your program already set up so all you have to do is plug and play. Have your equipment already set up for you.

Here are 6 Tips To Exercise When Depressed

Be realistic.

“People often say they’re going to wake up at 5:30 and go to the gym when there’s a zero percent chance that that’s actually going to happen. You set yourself up to fail,” he says. And that failure can be incredibly demoralizing.

Achieving goals is crucial to your self-esteem at this time. Thus the importance of setting realistic expectations for yourself.

Maybe working out before or after work when you are going or coming. Arrange that time when you are not working against yourself with time.

Working out for an Hour may feel impossible, but walking for five minutes outside may feel doable. Exercise doesn’t have to be a high impact, with weights or large amounts of drip sweating, heart pounding to be effective. Small amounts of moderate activity can go a long way to life you out of a depressive funk.

Once you take this small step, it will be easier to begin shifting out of the funk.

Here are 6 Tips To Exercise When Depressed

Reinstate an old exercise habit (if you had one).

It is easier to build a habit of old ones that are already established rather than trying to create new habits. So if you use to do a workout program, such as kickboxing, or dancing workout, start with that. That habit can be reactivated easier than starting something new.

Make your workout something you actually want to do.

“If you’re telling yourself the only way to work out is to go to the gym and run on a treadmill for an hour—which sounds horrible to me—of course I’m not going to want to do it,” Forand says.

If you like riding your bike. Do that instead of going to the gym and torturing yourself. There is no wrong way to be active. Any kind of exercise is better than nothing. So you might as well make it enjoyable for you.

Treat your self (after you actually exercise).

“You can create short-term motivation by using psychology’s Premack Principle—equivalent to ‘eat your broccoli and you’ll get dessert,’” Serin says.

Make a deal with yourself to do something pleasurable or treat yourself if you exercise; the reward can be small or can even be something that’s a regular part of your day (e.g.: “I will walk this morning for at least 15 minutes and then I can text my friends”).

Hold yourself accountable.

Putting it in your phone’s calendar or setting a realistic plan is an accountability thing, Forand says.

What’s even better, though, is to be accountable to someone else. “Sign up for a class and pay money for it. They expect you to be there and you’ve got a little bit of skin in the game. You can also find a workout buddy, making it less likely for you to bail on. Just tell someone to help hold you accountable.

Better yet, if you are part of a Beachbody Community, jump into a sneak peek class, or work with your Coach. If you do have a coach, let them know what you're experiencing and needing to accomplish. Your coach is there to support you through the highs and lows.

If you are feeling as if this article is resonating for you. Maybe you are feeling depressed. Drop me a comment and let’s talk about how I can support you while you are finding a way to exercise and motivate through depression. You can take this little action and have a Huge Win.

Here are 6 Tips To Exercise When Depressed

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