December 04, 2017

Planning or Starting a Weightloss Journey? Here are 5 TipsI’m sharing to help you “Shine” during your weight loss journey and make your nutrition plan NOT SUCK!

Make your nutrition plan not suck

Start with Determining Your Why

Why do you want to lose weight or become healthier? Why do you need to lose weight?

It can be tough to do this, but it isn’t always tough. Maybe your doctor has told you that your health is at risk. Or, maybe you have a dream of competing in recreational sports again, like you did when you were young. Maybe there’s a big wedding coming up and you want to impress your family.

Way back when I started with BeachBody, my why was a little bit different. I felt unrecognizable and wanted to reclaim my energy after having four kids and six years of marriage. I needed something to develop my commitment to my own health and growth.

This might be you, too. Your reason might be fairly obvious and you might be at the point in your life where you know what you want.

But, sometimes our reasons are more hidden. It can take some reflection and some time to find out why you are ready to make significant changes.

Make your nutrition plan not suck

Visualize. This is so important. You need to keep that motivation in the front of your mind. Never lose sight of your motivation. Your ability to keep that reasoning a priority is where you get your strength from.

Maybe you’ve never done visualization before. If that’s the case, now is the time to start. Work on it and make a habit out of it.

Set specific measurable goals.Do you want to lose twenty pounds? Ten? Achieve the fitness level of a beach volleyball player? Be able to do a certain length of workout? Write your goals down and commit to them.

But don’t stop there. Get an accountability buddy. This is someone you trust and who has enough discipline not to let you off the hook. They have to not be too harsh, too, though, or you will get discouraged.

Schedule your workouts, meal prep, grocery shopping, and anything else you need to get it done.This is probably one of the hardest parts about making significant lifestyle changes. For me, I schedule two times during the day when I can get my workout done. Sometimes with kids, I have to try once or twice before it really gets done.

Develop a shopping schedule in increments that are manageable. Make a point to use a list that works for you, don’t just grab whatever off the shelves.

Make your nutrition plan not suck
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Go back to why you are having your plateaus.There will be plateaus. You will have periods where it doesn’t feel like you’re making a lot of progress. You need to investigate that. Do you binge eat? Have you tried diets that are too extreme. Maybe you need a go-to to help you keep things even, like my Shakeology does for me.

Perhaps your nutrition doesn’t fill you up. Meet with a specialist if you need to, and keep working toward progress and your own development.

If you are looking for a nutrition plan that you can make a lifestyle, click here to fill out my form. I’ll be in touch and we can chat about how to make a nutrition plan that doesn’t suck!

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