September 03, 2018

Insanity Vs. P90x

Insanity Vs. P90x? Two of the most intense are Insanity and p90x. But how can you tell which one is best for your purposes?

They both, among other Beachbody programs offered, have a variety of exercise programs to meet a variety of fitness levels. Let’s break it down to bite-sized pieces.

Insanity Vs. P90x

Exercise Plan

As when starting any training, you need to have a clear idea of your goals and abilities so you can make an informed decision.


What do you want your exercise plan to achieve? Do you want to build muscle? Are you hoping to lose weight and get lean? How about a little of both?


Insanity relies on high-intensity cardio routines, you will burn calories faster, making this the better choice if you want to lose weight and become lean.




P90X is focused on losing weight and building muscle. The muscle confusion principles of P90x make this a better choice to help you get over plateaus and gain muscle. No equipment is really needed and the work out is more moderate compared to Insanity.

Workout Style

Both programs are intense, so if you’re beginning, these aren’t the plans for you. But you could always go to Beachbody On Demand to see a couple of workouts just to be sure.


Insanity is more of a weight loss, shredding program. The cardio-heavy workouts of Insanity are designed to test your endurance. Shaun T works you to go hard for as long as you can. It’s also all about resistance and using your body weight, so you don’t need additional equipment.


The P90x workouts vary a bit more than the ones in the Insanity program. Tony Horton leads you through exercises to target different muscle areas using strength and interval training, as well as yoga, to burn fat. You do need some basic exercise equipment (yoga mat, etc.) for this program.

Time Commitment

Be realistic about how much time you’ll be able to commit to your exercise plan, including how much time each day, how many days each week, and how many months you want to devote to the exercise plan.


The Insanity program is two months long. The first 30 days get you into the routine followed by a recovery week before the second, more intense 30-day schedule kicks in. Daily workouts average about 45 minutes a day, depending on the type of workout (recovery is shorter, high-intensity cardio is longer). The schedule calls for exercise six days a week.


This one is three months (90 days – see what they did there?) long and requires six-days-a-week training also. Each workout is approximately an hour.

Other considerations

Both programs come with a nutrition guide and calendar so you can certainly customize your exercise plan. There is no saying that one is “better” than the other because it boils down to a matter of choice and preferences. Pick a program, follow it as scheduled, and you are guaranteed to see results!

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