November 17, 2021

High intensity interval training workout. Hiit group training

Trendy workouts and diets are always circulating in the attempt to influence a large variety of people to partake. In today’s workout society, there are so many differing opinions about which types of workouts produce the best results. If you’re trying to find what works best for you, you first have to establish a goal and keep that in mind when researching and trying out different forms of exercise. HIIT workouts have been around for years and have been beneficial to a lot of people, but you should do your research about any workout plans before you start. Should you take on HIIT workouts if you’re not already super fit? Let’s find out!

What Is HIIT?

High intensity interval training workout. Hiit group training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will take your workout to the next level. Based around a fast-paced, high intensity workout plan, HIIT workouts cover strength training, cardio, and stamina building. These workouts only last between 10-30 minutes which means you’re packing in a lot of fat burn in a short time. Heavy in cardio, HIIT workouts use interval training to quickly burn a lot of calories. The idea of a HIIT workout is to go as hard as you can in a short amount of time. Depending on your body and your goals, you’ll have different intervals for each workout. Your resting periods are usually much shorter than the active periods, but this ensures that your fast-paced workouts push your body as hard as possible.

Benefits of HIIT

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HIIT can help you do the following:

  • Improve the Function of Your Heart
  • Increase Your Metabolism
  • Burn Calories Quickly
  • Lose Fat
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improve Lung Capacity (through cardio)
  • Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes

Who Does HIIT?

Since the purpose of HIIT workouts is to burn calories quickly, people use this method to burn fat and lose weight. HIIT workouts are great for people who have standard exercise abilities with no injuries. It is not recommended to participate in HIIT workouts if you have injuries, trouble breathing, or have issues with your joints since these workouts will exacerbate these issues. The high intensity workouts will only benefit you if you can execute them safely and effectively. You can still implement a few HIIT practices into your workouts if you’re just still working on getting in shape.

How Anyone Can Get Started With HIIT Workouts

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The best way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts is to consult a professional. Find someone who is trained to target your workouts to suit your body. HIIT workouts will only give you the results you’re looking for if you take the time and effort to do them correctly and safely. If you can’t commit to a full HIIT workout at the time, don’t be discouraged. You can incorporate the mindset and some of the training in HIIT workouts into your customized workout routine. Focus on doing strength exercises to build up the weaker points in your body, and then use some elements of HIIT to burn fat. For example, you can use a stationary bike along with lower-impact exercises to introduce your body to the idea of HIIT. Easing your way into any type of training is the best way to see results.

Now that we’ve covered the basics on HIIT workouts and how to get started at any fitness level, you can target your exercise routine to suit your lifestyle. It’s so important to keep your motivation and not become discouraged if you’re not seeing results right away. All good things take time–nurture your body along the journey to being the healthiest version of yourself. If you want to chat with me about how I can help you craft the perfect workout plan for you, CLICK HERE!

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