October 01, 2018


Meal Planning for 21 Day Fix is designed to be easy to do and yet still allowing for creative licensing as you will discover finding recipes created from the 21 Day Fix program.

21 Day Fixoffers lots of recipes that feature foods on the approved list, making it even easier to stick to the program. Here are two vital considerations when choosing your 21 Day Fix recipes. If you don’t have the 21 Day Food List, check below to view the list

Quick Reminder about the 21 Day Fix Meal Program

It is a macro-based program that gives your body the proper amount of carbs, fats, veggies, proteins, and oils. It has worked for many, many people and if you stick with it, the 21 Day Fix helps you with portion control and eating the right combinations of foods to meet your weight goals.

21 day meal fix containers

Meal planning is a must

Trust me on this one. It will be so much easier to follow your nutritional guide if you take the time to sit down and figure out which 21 day fix recipes you want to try on which days. The last thing you want is to end up with three days of chicken recipes in a row (unless you really like chicken) or schedule a recipe on a day that you won’t have time actually to make the dish.

21 day fix meal plan

If you plan correctly, you can also use leftovers in the days following, cutting down on your prep time. For example, if you have a steak dinner one night, plan on having steak tacos the following day. It may seem trivial, but having a plan will keep you on track.

Grocery shop accordingly

While it’s okay to buy some products in bulk, know what you are going to eat and when you plan on eating it (again, that’s where meal planning comes in). We’ve all been there – your grocery store has a sale on bell peppers, 10 for $10 (for example). Great bargain for people who don’t live in an agricultural area where you can get them cheaper at a farmer’s market.

But you need to have recipes that will allow you to use up the bell peppers, either as a meal (like stuffed bell peppers) or in another creative recipe. Finding mushy bell peppers in the back of your vegetable drawer is not fun.

Also, be realistic about the ingredients you will be able to purchase. You may want to try a tasty stir-fry, but if you can’t find bok choy, it could be a waste of time. Likewise, if you know your grocery store doesn’t carry tahini, avoid recipes with that ingredient…unless you have the time and desire to make your own.

21 Day Fix recipesare easy to find, especially if you widen your search to include the foods you prefer from the 21 Day Fix food list. One of my favorite place to find recipes is Pinterest and there is always the Google Search that will return a load of sites to give you variety.

21 Day Fix Food List

You can create your own explicitly tailored to your taste. So take your list and go crazy creating some 21 Day Fix recipes the whole family will love.

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