April 02, 2018

P90X3 Schedule

P90X3is designed to give you the results of P90X in a shorter length of workout (30 minutes). Today, I’m going to explain the P90X3 Schedule. Hopefully, the info will help you choose the right calendar to maximize your results. What are the differences within the P90X3 Schedule?


Choose this one if you want to improve your strength and get a classically shredded body. If you’re a beginner looking for a general fitness routine and don’t have any preferences for how your muscles develop, this may be the one for you.


The Lean calendar should be your choice if you want to tone and lengthen your muscles without bulking up. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easier. Because you’re still looking to lose weight without the bulk, the Lean calendar relies heavily on cardio.


On the opposite end is Mass, which is the one to follow if you want to increase your muscle mass. If you’ve already reached your target weight and are looking to enhance your muscles, choose this one.


And this is the one to choose if you’re into pain. (Just kidding…sort of). If you want faster results and want to add cardio, you can give the Doubles calendar a try. Keep in mind that the regular P90X3 scheduleis very strenuous, so if you are rehabbing an injury, you may want to avoid this choice.

So, now that you know the different calendars let’s compare.

What’s the same?

All four calendars feature the 30-minute workouts that are the signature of the P90X3 schedule. Well, except for Doubles, of course – then you’re doing 60-minute workouts. You also get the cardio, muscle confusion (exercise staggering), and resistance in each calendar.

And, all four P90X3 schedulecalendars are broken down into four-week blocks, for a total program of 13 weeks.

What’s different?

Aside from the focus of each of the calendars mentioned above, there are two additional differences to note.


If you choose the Doubles calendar, your first phase will be the same as the other calendars. However, you will add one additional workout three days a week during the second and third phases, which increases to extra workouts four days a week during the fourth phase.


There is also a “doubles” choice within the Mass calendar – this will take your workouts to an hour a day throughout the length of the calendar.

Keep in mind that whichever calendar you choose, you should follow the nutrition plan that complements the P90X3 schedule, along with the other info on P90X3 that I have already mentioned.

And there you have it. Now you are ready to choose the P90X3 schedulethat will give you the results you desire. Click the link above for downloadable Schedules.

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