August 13, 2018


Today’s post is for those of you who do not enjoy (or cannot do) the high impact exercises of some of the other Beachbody programs. Maybe it’s because impact exacerbates an old injury or you don’t like working with weights, but you still want to keep an exercise regime, right? Fortunately, there is a Beachbody program that is perfect for you, and it’s called PiYo.

PiYo combines exercises from Pilates and Yoga into a low impact routine that will improve your flexibility and strengthen your core. Both forms utilize your body weight for resistance, so there is no need for extra workout items like weights. Let’s split the two pieces and see what they’re all about before putting them back together.

Just a side note but also very important, this workout program was created by Chalene Johnson, an amazing instructor. She is also one of the cornerstone instructors of Beachbody and has created quite a few programs that continue to be favorites for all.


If you want a tried and true exercise program, yoga is the one to choose. It has been practiced in one form or another for over 5,000 years! Beginning in India and working its way to the US by the early 1900s, it is a holistic practice that not only strengthens the body but also calms the mind.

One loose translation of the word yoga is “union,” and that is precisely what yoga strives to complete. The idea is to bring union of the spirit, mind, and body into a singular balance. It is a calming process that focuses on breath control and moving through the exercises slowly to give the body and mind time to meet and compliment each other.


Very similar to yoga, Pilates focuses on breathing and concentration to allow the body to flow from one exercise to another. In Pilates, muscle control and the method of completing the task (the form you use and the focus you give it) are more important than the exercise itself. Again, it is taking the time to slow down and allowing your body to flow through the workout.


Even from those simple descriptions, it is easy to see how complementary they are to each other and how there is a natural fit when combining the two programs. The Beachbody PiYo fitness program takes principles of both, then adds in a little dance and martial arts to give you a well-balanced, low-impact workout.

Moving a little bit faster than a traditional Pilates or yoga class, PiYo covers five themes: heat building, lower body, full-body, core, and stretch/strength. Following the program in its natural progression, you’ll find yourself concentrating on different areas depending on the day. Lengths of individual workouts may differ, and some days may be a little more intense than others.

But the focus is always to meld mind and body to make one happier, healthier person. PiYo is one of Beachbody’s oldest and most popular programs and streams on Beachbody On Demand.

If you would like to know more about PiYoand its benefits, or perhaps interested in becoming a Beachbody coach, or looking for a coach to guide you into an overall fitness program to meet your goals you can connect with me by filling out the form below. Let’s have a conversation.

PiYo Sounds Funny But Strengthens Your Core

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