January 12, 2018

Self-care has always been an important part of human existence, even back when the priority was, well, surviving! Whether your self-care time is spiritual, or "you time," or learning a new skill...I want to give you my 3 favorite self-care tips!

1. Drinks!

I don't mean the alcoholic kind, although in specific situations that could apply as well! Instead, I mean drinks like smoothies! The variety you can make with Smoothies are endless!

2. Skin Protection Stuff!

I've also talked a bit about sunscreen and how natural sunscreen is better than chemical sunscreen. That's because chemical sunscreen includes an ingredient called oxybenzone, which can harm your reproductive system. I know, crazy!!

Use zinc oxide or titanium dioxide sunscreen instead. I know they sound like dangerous chemicals too, but actually, these types of sunscreens stay ON TOP of your skin, instead of dangerously absorbing into your skin/bloodstream.

3. Positive Self-Talk

Think for a minute about how nicely we talk to our babies. (And I hope that's really, super nice!!)

Oftentimes our inner voice isn't that nice at all to ourselves. We say things to ourselves like, "I can't believe I can't do this," or picking apart our body insecurities, or yelling at ourselves because of something silly we said or did.

We're willing to give othersthe benefit of the doubt, but not always ourselves.

One of my favorite self-care tips is, keep a "meanness journal"!

I challenge you to listen to how you talk to yourself, then write it down in a journal, no matter how bad it is (and hopefully you have some nice thoughts in there too!). Then, at the end of, say, a week, look over any negative statements you made in your journal, and on the line(s) below, write a counter-argument.

And this is very important! CROSS OUT the negative statement(s). That way, only your original self-affirming statements are there, as well as the equally self-confident revisions!!

You could switch this formula up and have YOUR PARTNER write nice things about you. Yes! Rebuttals to your insecurities!! And then do the same for them. Now it's a bonding exercise in addition to a self-love exercise.

From self-care tips, to health and fitness advice, to relationship tips, to baby Q&A!!!

I covered it all in this blog! Yeah!!!

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