August 27, 2021

It is fact that kids today are growing up way faster than we did. The world feels uncertain. Now I’m not just talking about technology. Decisions are being made that will influence how they see the world for the rest of their lives.

That’s pretty heavy stuff for a kid to deal with, especially at younger ages.

I think it is safe to say that the past two years have been unlike any we have ever experienced. Between politics, the pandemic, and world events, there is more uncertainty about everything around us. And that is extremely stressful.

And that is also why I think it is important to explain to them that there will always be constants in their lives that they can rely on. Ideas and concepts that they can fall back on when they need support or a little boost.

Here (in no particular order) are 10 things I want my children to embrace in an uncertain world.


There is a comfort in being able to rely on a routine, especially if it is one that kids have helped create for themselves. Knowing what will happen and how to make things happen can be a constant to return to if things seem to be uncertain.

I want my kids to embraceroutines and use them as a way to keep focused. This doesn’t only refer to schedules, but anything that they can do that gives them a sense of control over what is happening.


Even as a routine is important, it can’t be too rigid. Any deviation from the usual can result in stress…and tears. Change is something we often fight against (and sometimes for good reason) because we like things to stay familiar. But not all change is bad.

I want my kids to embracethe fact that change is going to happen, and not everything stays the same forever. I want them to learn how to look for the opportunities that change can present and know how to work it to their advantage.


It is very easy for kids to catch on to the feelings and emotions of the adults who surround them. This isn’t good, because a kid shouldn’t be dealing with that kind of stress.

I want my kids to embracethe things that make them happy. Whether it’s reading a book or playing outside…whatever it is, I want them to use things that make them happy as a touchstone for when things seem too uncertain. Working the happy events or tasks into their routine or figuring out how to incorporate them when change occurs is all very doable for kids.


Image of funny kids playing on the grass

Separation from family members has been one of the most difficult aspects of the pandemic. Kids need those interactions and relationships so they can learn from them.

I want my kids to embracefamily and close friends. I want them to create memories, live in the moment, and recognize the impact people can have on their lives.


We’ve all had those moments where a family function is interrupted by a meltdown or a planned trip goes awry due to a tantrum.

I want my kids to embraceand enjoy the good times. I want them to concentrate on the joy of being able to get outside and go to a park or to spend time with family (see above).


When money gets tight or items become unavailable, it is important to know how to continue on with minimal disruption to your life.

I want my kids to embracethe thought that less is more, to be creative when faced with a shortage of something, and the skills to know how to make things work even if they don’t have the usual tools to do so.


It’s easy for kids to get carried away with material items, especially if they have friends who have the latest toys or electronics.

I want my kids to embracebeing grateful for what they have instead of wanting more. There are always going to be people who have less.

Inner Strength

Funny little power super hero child (girl) in a blue raincoat. Superhero concept

It is a sad fact that there are people who cannot think for themselves, and they will forever be chasing the latest fad or believing whatever the majority says.

I want my kids to embracetheir personal knowledge and experiences and be strong enough in their convictions to weather criticism. They need to know that the opinions of others often don’t matter in the bigger picture and being comfortable with their personal decisions is huge for their self-preservation.


In today’s world of Tik Tok videos and influencers, it is easy to get carried away with the superficial and to chase those likes and followers. We do it as adults all the time.

I want my kids to embracebeing grounded in their faith, their family, and their beliefs. It’s fine for them to explore and have fun, but they need to be able to return to what is tried and true.


When there is nothing but bad news and everything seems to be taken away, it is easy to fall into despair and negative thinking.

I want my kids to embracethe hope that things will get better, and that inevitable change will ultimately be for the good. I want them to dream and believe that they will be able to achieve greatness.

What it all means

I know that these are challenging goals and that it will take a lot of guidance from me and other important people in their lives. But I want my kids to be good humans who are confident in what is True so that they can create islands of certainty in an uncertain world.

Frankly, we all could probably stand to focus on these things as adults, too.

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