October 15, 2021

I’m going to admit it right off the bat, this is a tough blog to write. As I was building my business to success, there was so much trial and error that I could literally write a book about the good and bad habits I learned along the way. Narrowing it down for a single blog seemed challenging.

As I looked at everything, though, I realized that a lot of the habits that I kept could be broken down into smaller pieces (by the way, that’s a bonus habit I’m giving you: break big tasks into smaller ones that are more manageable).

Here are the four habits I adopted that led me to success, along with some details to help you apply them in your life.

1. Making lists for my business

The overall subject for this would be organization, but that is an extremely broad category. I found that the best way to stay organized was to make lists.

If you think about it, lists are targets to hit. You make a list for the grocery store and those are the items you want to buy. You make a packing list to go on a trip and those are the items you want to take with you. They work, so there is no reason to not apply the habit to your everyday life as well.

I have made daily, weekly, and monthly lists thinking about what goals I want to hit at each point. Say my monthly goal is to achieve a certain number of followers on Instagram. My weekly goal would break that down to manageable levels, and the daily goals would further pinpoint specific actions to be taken (number of posts, scheduling them, etc.)

Applying the lists to your personal life will also help keep everything on track and stop you from falling behind.

2. Balancing the short and long term.

At first, I was all about getting as much done as fast as I could because I felt that time was of the essence. I had long-term goals, but I didn’t often give them full attention because I was caught up in the day-to-day.

As a result of my focus on the smaller daily stuff, there were times that I didn’t do something or made a choice based on what the short-term repercussion would be. I eventually realized that I was going about it backward.

Yes, you don’t want to make bad choices that will derail your overall plan. But you need to realize when a little short-term pain can be worth the long-term gain.

For example, doing something (like responding to emails or comments on Insta) daily might seem like a waste of time and energy, especially if you have things on your list that you feel are more important.

But even though that can be monotonous and boring, cultivating those connections early on will ultimately create loyal followers and customers. So, the short-term annoyance becomes a long-term benefit.


I actually just found this acronym to describe a morning routine, and I think it fits perfectly. Starting my day right was an excellent habit to develop because it puts me in the right frame of mind to tackle the day.

  • S-Silence (meditation)
  • A-Affirmations
  • V-Visualization
  • E-Exercise
  • R-Reading
  • S-Scribe (journaling)

These are pretty much self-explanatory. It’s all about giving myself some time to focus on what I need to do for the day. Now, obviously, there are times when I don’t get to journal in the morning, or my exercise comes later in the day, or my reading is accomplished as I’m waiting for an appointment. Life happens.

But taking even five minutes per action only amounts 30 minutes a day. It’s worth it to be able to look at my goals and remind myself about why I do things while keeping my mind and body healthy and active.

3. Continuous learning of my business

This is probably the most challenging of the four because there’s a tendency to think “Oh, I made it, I can just coast now.”


I’ve learned the importance of always learning more. And it doesn’t matter what the topic is. It can be a new social media strategy or exercise for a workout. Or it can be a personal interest like investigating a new author or even trying a new television show (yes, you can learn from tv).

The point is to continue stretching your mind by introducing new things in all different subjects. This keeps you from falling into a narrow-minded rut and allows your mind to expand to accept new possibilities and ideas.

And you never know where that next inspiration may come from!

4. Habit-forming behavior

There you have it – the four habits I adopted that led me to success. As I mentioned at the beginning, there were a lot of lessons and many more habits I learned that helped me throughout the process.

But staying organized via lists, evaluating the risk/benefit of short and long-term decisions, applying SAVERS, and continuously learning have definitely contributed most to my success. I hope they work out for you the same way!

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