December 02, 2019

At first glance, it appears that Turbo Jam, a popular 60-day workout by Chalene Johnson, is straightforward and easy to follow. However, there is an enterprising fitness instructor who has added her own spin to it, creating a hybrid that gives you even more of a challenge. We’ll take a look at both Turbo Jam Schedule to help you choose.

Turbo Jam Schedule

The Original

Chalene Johnson, who as you already know is one of my favorites, created this cardio program as an alternative to high knees, jumping jacks, and all their variations. Turbo Jam combines dance moves with body-sculpting and kickboxing for a cardio workout that is fun to do!

It’s recommended for intermediate levels of fitness because it is fast, but beginners have had success too. You can always try it and modify the moves to your speed. As I have said a bunch of times, it’s about your journey on your time. The important thing is getting started and the rest will fall into place.

The Turbo Jam schedule covers six days a week, with workouts ranging from 20-50 minutes long.

Beginner Schedule

Your first day is a “learn and burn” workout. You will learn the steps that will be used in the different workouts but done in a manner that you will still burn some calories. From there you’ll do four 20 Minute Workouts, with rest days in after the first two and at the end of the week (before you start week two).

In week two, you’ll add Cardio Party, as well as adding Ab Jamto your 20 Minute Workouts. You get two rest days at the end of this week. Week three is similar to week two, but introduces Turbo Sculpt – and you only get one rest day before adding Punch, Kick & Jam. Week four is the same pattern as week three.

Advanced Schedule

Once you enter week five, things get a little more fired up. You’ll begin with another “Learn & Burn,” but you only get one rest day each week. The schedule is also consistent with which routines you do on each day (i.e., Fridays are always Cardio Party, and your Rest Day is Saturday).

Here is my usual reminder: make the schedule work for you. If you need to shift so that your Rest Day is on Sunday, shift everything (don’t mix up days). The Turbo Jam schedule is designed with the Rest Day after Cardio Party for a reason.

The Hybrid

If you want to test yourself, you can try this hybrid Turbo Jam schedule that combines the Turbo Jam listed above with the ChaLEAN Extreme program. You’re still doing the basic Turbo Jam schedule listed above, and covering 60 days, you’re just adding the resistance training to burn more fat than just cardio.

So, there you have it — two options for your Turbo Jam schedule. If you don’t want to burn yourself out, go through the original first, and then consider adding in the ChaLEAN Extreme after completing the 60 days. Regardless, push yourself, but pay attention to what your body is telling you and keep your journey injury-free by being smart.

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