May 07, 2021

Dara Laporta

Workouts play a big role in my life. Workouts are essential for things like keeping my energy levels boosted, keeping my body fit and toned, and keeping me healthy. So it just makes sense that I am going to stick to my workouts while traveling (with a bit of flexibility of course).

I love to travel. Workouts and traveling are key parts of my life as a Fitness Coach. I always see to it that no matter how busy I am while juggling the everyday demands of daily life, and being a mom, and wife, I still set time aside for my personal workouts. Workouts don’t get pushed aside just because I am traveling.

I will share with you some of my favorite workouts I do while traveling and some of my reasons you shouldn’t skip them!

Let’s start with a couple of reasons to workout while traveling

Dara Laporta

Burn those extra calories!

Who doesn't love to indulge in some good comfort foods, and exotic cuisine while on the road? It is always a must to try and taste new foods from place to place especially if you are a first-time visitor to your destination. A good workout will help your body digest food more easily, keep your metabolism up too so you burn off the extra calories you normally wouldn’t be taking in. So yes! Do your workouts!

Maintain your energy levels

If you are someone who is into your workouts, you probably understand that no matter how tiring workouts can be sometimes, they reset your mind and body, and give you energy and boost your mood in a positive way! You will be able to maintain your strength and stamina so you won’t get exhausted after an adventurous day on your vacation.

Aside from those reasons, some exercises like walking and jogging are known to help you de-stress, get your mind off your to-do lists, among other things.

My Favorite Workouts to Do When Traveling

I can call these simple workouts a “favorite for travel days” because you don’t need to have any equipment, you can do them even indoors, and they are easy to do. I mean, you won’t run out of strength and energy after a few routines. Plus, these workouts won't take much time. Just about 15-20 reps per method and you’ll be done in 20-30 minutes.



You can do push-ups on the floor or you can also do it on the edge of your bed. It’s good for strengthening and building muscles for your upper body, chest, shoulders, and arms.

Getting outside for a Walk, Jog or Cycling

Dara Laporta

When you’re traveling, hopefully, you will be able to take your workouts outside. Even if it's for a business trip, walking and jogging can be added to your morning or evening schedule, especially if you have a beautiful view and fresh air to look forward to. It has so many benefits, including burning calories. It is a weight-bearing exercise so it helps you build muscles and strengthens your bones. It also has cardiovascular benefits. And oh yes... it moves your energy and that improves your mood. Weather permitting, and depending on where you are, cycling can be great exercise, and a lot of fun, whether you’re with family, business associates, or just by yourself.


Grandfather and boy on blanket
Family sit-up time!

You don’t need six-pack abs to do sit-ups. I love doing sit-ups. It has so many benefits like improving your core strength, builds muscles in your tummy, gives you better flexibility, improves your posture and balance, and so much more. A stronger core also helps you stave off back trouble.


portrait fitness training athletic sporty woman doing plank exercise in gym or yoga class concept exercising workout aerobic.

Like sit-ups, planking can also improve your posture. It strengthens your spine, builds abdominal muscles, and improves strength. What I like about it is that you can do it anywhere. On the floor, on the bed, it can be done indoors or outdoors, you can do it any way you like, and you can do it for only a few minutes at a time and still get a lot of benefit from planking.

Some say leave everything behind when you travel. The busy life, the stressful work life, have some me-time and enjoy the place. Just enjoy the place! I agree because not everyone gets the luxury of traveling whenever they feel like it so enjoy it while you can!

However, your lifestyle, your fitness, and your health aren’t something you can easily leave behind. I believe you can still go and enjoy yourself while doing these mini-workouts while you’re away from home and your normal routines. Whether you're traveling for work or traveling for leisure, you can still do your workouts on the go. As a Coach, I say please don’t take your health and fitness for granted. Do your workouts!

Now, what are you waiting for? Pack up and have a wonderful trip!

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