October 28, 2019

Shaun T has been around for several years and is absolutely an amazing trainer. He is probably one of the most recognizable trainers, known for his break out INSANITY WORKOUT, an advanced workout program designed to transform your body in 60 days. So if you were wondering if you can do Shaun T workout as a Beginner, the answer is YES YOU CAN!

Shaun T first workout program was released in 2003 called Hip Hop Abs, a beginner program that was quite popular for some time. You may also not know that he also created a few exercise programs for children and pre-teens. Yet, Shaun has made a few videos that are geared towards videos and I’d like to share those with you if you interested in Shawn T workouts as a beginner.

Hip Hop Abs

Released in 2003, like a 30-day hip hop dance workout offering solution of dancing your way to a 6 pack ab. This video was geared towards those that are beginners and want to focus on flattening and tightening their abs.

Rockin Body

Released in 2009, is another dance your way to slimming down and losing weight. Beginner/Intermediate can both join in and give it a go. You might even find yourself burning up to 1500 calories during your session. These are easy dance step routines that will keep you moving without realizing you are dancing off calories.

CIZE Dance

Released in 2015 CIZE is currently a very popular beginner to intermediate program. CIZE Dance is claimed to not only provide cardiovascular conditioning, core strengthening, and overall muscle toning but also to help anyone lose weight while still having fun.

There you have it… Shaun T has 3 workout programs for beginners to get started on losing weight, toning, and shaping your body. Once you finish those then you will be ready for Shaun T’s Insanity Program.

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