October 06, 2022

You‘ve changed into your workout clothes, your water bottle is full, and your favorite shoes are ready to hit the ground. It’s Beachbody time!

But there’s a problem…

Maybe you aren’t feeling totally motivated, or feel really sore from your last class, or you just don’t feel like your best self.

Don’t worry — whether you’re brand new to working out or a regular fitness class junkie, there are some basic tips to keep you ready and motivated to CRUSH your next workout.

Fuel and Hydration

I don’t think anyone is surprised to hear that proper nutrition is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle — but another thing to keep in mind is that food will affect your workout.

Eating lower nutritional value foods will…

𝗫 Drain Energy

𝗫 Impair Metabolism

𝗫 Prevent Muscle Gain

𝗫 Decrease Performance

𝗫 Prevent Fat Loss

Eating highly nutritional value foods will…

✓ Increase Energy

✓ Boost Metabolism

✓ Build Muscle Mass

✓ Increase Performance

✓ Burn Fat

Make sure to keep your cup full of good ol’ water as well!

Water helps…

✓ Keep Joints Lubricated

✓ Boost Energy

✓ Protect Organs

✓ Regulate Body Temperature

✓ Flush Out Toxins

✓ Boost Metabolism

✓ Increase Energy

Food and water act as the fuel for your body to have what it needs to rock out a workout. You wouldn’t put water in your car’s gas tank — so don’t put empty calories in your body!

Stretching and Rest

Grab a yoga mat and take a deep breath…

➤ Balance

➤ Flexibility

➤ Strength

➤ Mindfulness

All benefits from wrapping up a sweat session with a good stretch.

Can you imagine if someone asked you to run a marathon with no shoes? I bet you would be pretty worried about your feet. Same goes for stretching after a workout — it’s the final step to prevent injury and a great way to care for your body.

Consider resting as well. Be careful not to over-exert yourself. Having rest days can help performance and prevent injury. Fluff up your pillow, relax, and get proper sleep! Some good zzz’s will give you that extra boost to level up your next workout.

Set Goals and Celebrate Progress

Have you ever tried a new recipe for dinner and it turned out amazing?

It feels good to accomplish something!

A great thing to keep you motivated is to set fitness goals. Don’t go crazy. Make yourself a meal before hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Small steps can equal BIG time results.

Take note of your progress. Jot it down in a journal or keep track in a fitness app. Either way — give yourself credit where credit is due.

You can even go as far as to celebrate your milestones. Are you finally able to run a certain distance without stopping or lift double the amount from where you started? Wonderful! Treat yourself (I personally like spa days).

Drop Comparisons and Build Your Community

Let’s play a little game. Would you rather…

Live in a world where we cast judgment and are critical of others?


Live in a world where we lift each other up and encourage one another?

I’m going to say that most, if not all, of you are choosing kindness.

Surround yourself with people who are positive. Motivate each other and celebratepersonal milestones. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is different when it comes to growth.

Let’s drop comparing people and start looking at the best parts of people. We have enough to deal with in the world. Let’s not create more doubt and exclusion. Come together. Build your community (Beachbody and beyond).

And most importantly — be kind to yourself.

Get Hyped

It’s about time we start choosing ourselves. In other words — making positive changes will only lead to positive results.

✓ Eat well

✓ Drink Water

✓ Stretch

✓ Rest

✓ Sleep

✓ Set Goals

✓ Celebrate Progress

✓ Encourage Instead Of Compare

✓ Build A Solid Community

Help yourself get HYPED about health and fitness. It’s the best thing you can do for, well… you!

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