October 17, 2022

Don’t you wish getting people interested in your business was as easy as the attention you get from your kids when you are trying to go to the bathroom?

It takes patience, work, and a little pizazz to get solid brand recognition.

That’s why running a GOOD social media campaign is important to keep your business relevant.

According toAgora Pulse“A social media campaign is a promotion that your team designs to help clients achieve a marketing goal. Social campaigns have a beginning and an end — but they can span any time frame and include any number of channels.”

But you don’t just want to throw random things out there. You want to have purpose behind your posts. Let’s take a look at what it takes to run a successful social media campaign...

The Goal

Begin with the end in mind.

There are lots of reasons why you would run a social media campaign.

Maybe your business is trying to:

Gain New Clients

Boost Engagement

Increase Sales and Revenue

Drive Social Traffic

Strengthen The Brand

Whatever the reason, build out a plan for your campaign that has the best chance of reaching your desired goal.


✓ Who You Are Speaking To

✓ Why They Would Be Interested

✓ The Best Ways To Reach Them

Once you have those things locked down, you’re ready to keep rolling!

The Plan

A good plan needs action.

Here are some ideas for social media campaigns to get people in motion:

  • Create A Poll
  • Provide Exclusive Offers
  • Host An Online Event
  • Schedule A Giveaway
  • Roll Out A Hashtag
  • Promote A New Product

This is the time to get your whole team together for a good brainstorming session.

Make sure your plan is…

✓ Unique To Your Brand

✓ Not A Copycat Of Another Campaign

✓ Relatable To Your Audience

✓ Engaging And Relevant

✓ Budget Friendly

Let creative ideas start flowing to come up with the best possible content for engagement.

The Platform

Let’s run down the big players in the Social Media game ⬇









Each has its pros and cons. Consider things such as…

Your Audience

Traffic Flow

Your Budget

Ease Of Use

Tracking Options

It’s easy to go back to the ones you are familiar with, but don’t rule out other good possibilities. Take advantage of what the digital world has to offer.

The Timeline

If you love organization as much as I do — I highly recommend using a content calendar.

This will be especially useful if you run different social media campaigns. It’s like cooking dinner with multiple burners, it’s hard to keep on top of it all!

Give yourself a little structure with a start and end date with understanding of what’s going to happen in between. When and where you want it to unfold is up to you! But keeping track of it all is a good idea.

Use the power of cross promoting as well. Launching a campaign on Twitter at a certain time next month? Why not advertise it on Facebook! Promote where you can, when you can.

The Info

If you think you’re too small to be effective, you’ve never seen a chihuahua run things at a dog park.

No matter how big or small your campaign is — track it. This is the BEST way to know…

  1. If your campaign is successful
  2. What kind of engagement you’re getting
  3. Who’s interested
  4. Which platforms are performing the best

The nice thing is every big social media platform has tracking capabilities. Otherwise, there are many other services that offer ways to track engagement.

Pro Tip: Find the best times to post on each platform. It could provide a good boost to your views and interest.

A good campaign requires solid performance. Understanding that performance is key to success.

Get Started

Getting campaigns going isn’t as easy as some people think it is. This is going to take work. But it’s not impossible!

Take the right steps and measures. Know your business and your audience.

It will all work out!

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