July 18, 2018

If you loved 80 Day Obsession and LIIFT4, or even if you haven’t found time to do both of these workout programs, there is the 80 Day Obsession LIIFT 4 Hybrid. That’s right, Beachbody trainers and coaches get creative and they created a hybrid version of the two programs to optimize max results during your workout.

The 80 Day Obsession LIIFT 4 HYBRID Got Married

Both programs have different approaches but yet fit like a glove for fitness enthusiasts. 80 Day obsession, an advanced fitness program is geared towards those that already have a basic knowledge of fitness and weight training. You will be working for several muscle groups at once which tests your balance and strength.

While LIIFT4gives you standard weight lifting moves, you’ll be doing moves like dumbbell rows, shoulder press, and lunges, and more. The weightlifting technique will allow you to isolate and build strength. You will be focusing each rep on one muscle at a time.

The Hybrid workout program is a full 7 days per week for 6 weeks. Each session is 30 – 45 minutes. I have included a calendar schedule, which you will find in the link below to get you started.

The combination of these two programs will make for some great before and after pictures. Be sure to take those pictures. I would love to see your results and answer any questions that may come up for you.

I found this Hybrid Schedule at https://www.workoutscheduler.net. This seems to be good resource information from coaches and trainers that have created hybrid Beachbody Workout Programs.

80 Day Obsession LIIFT 4 Hybrid Schedule

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