July 16, 2018

If you are following the classic P90X workout, and looking for an extra session during your recovery weeks, then you can take the intensity up a notch with P90X Core Synergistics

This is a supplementary DVD that you can expect to perform at least once a week depending on the P90X program you’re using. P90X Core Synergistics combines cardio, strength, and flexibility training into one intense workout. This workout focuses on your core muscles and will help improve your overall fitness.

P90X Core Synergistics Is Broken Up Into Three Sections

This program is broken up into three different sections, plus a bonus round. There will be a short break between each section where you can take a breather and hydrate.

Section One Includes The Following Workouts:

-Stacked foot, staggered hands pushups

-Banana Rolls

-Leaning crescent lunges

-Squat runs

-Sphinx push-ups


-Low-lateral skaters

-Lunge reaches

Section Two Includes:

-Prison cell push-ups

-Side hip-raises

-Squat X presses

-Plank-to-chaturanga runs

-Walking push-ups

-Superman bananas

-Lunge kickbacks

-Curl presses

-Tower Hoppers

Section Three Includes:

-Reach high-and-under push-ups

-Steam engines

-Dreya Rolls

Bonus Section Includes:

-Plank to chaturangas


-Table-dip leg raises

This is a high-intensity program that isn’t right for everyone. If you’re unsure whether or not it’s for you, you should consult your doctor.

If you are planning on completing this program, make sure to bring a towel, water, resistance bands, and good supportive sneakers.

The Benefits Of P90X Core Strength

Your midsection is the central area of your body. It affects the movements of your entire body if not exercised properly.

Your core stabilizes the rest of your body and helps your center of gravity. Just think about the times that your back or your hips hurt. Those pains had a significant effect on the rest of your body.

P90X understands the importance of strengthening your core. By doing this you strengthen the rest of your body as well.

A lot of people don’t understand the importance of working these muscles. But they are fundamental. That’s why this program is dedicated to the core.

What Is Synergistics?

Synergistics comes from the word “synergy”. Synergy means the cooperation of two or more things to create something strong and better than the sum of its parts.

That is exactly what this workout does. By targeting your midsection, your strengthening the rest of the body.

Do I Need To Complete The Original P90X To Do This Program?

The simple answer is no you do not. The DVD does come with the P90X program but you can complete P90X Synergistics program by itself if you order it from Beachbody On Demand.

If you’re just looking for a great core workout, then complete this program on its own. If you’re taking one of the many P90X programs and you want some added intensity, then take this as well.

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