April 23, 2021

Dara Laporta

We all want clean, clear, beautiful skin. Yet most of us get confused about how to start a simple morning skincare routine. We jump on social media to find out what is trending and run out and buy the latest must-have beauty product to see if it works for us. We check what others use and try it without realizing that we missed the most important part: the best beauty and skincare routine for us doesn't have to be expensive, be trending on social media, or recommended by celebrities!

Why do you need a morning skincare routine?

Let’s talk about getting you a simple beauty skincare routine that can work for you. It is important to go for the basics first. First, think about how much time you have in the mornings. A good but simple morning skincare routine will help your mornings run smoother, reduce stress, possibly give you a few more minutes and transform your skin too!

Your morning routine should be easy to do day after day to really become a routine. Once established it will help you achieve your goal of beautiful healthy skin. If it’s overcomplicated or takes too long then it just won’t become a habit.

The needs of your skin in the morning are different from its needs at night. Your skin needs protection from harmful sun rays, and pollutants that cause aging, and breakouts that none of us want. So before you get up and open up that door to head out to face the day, your skin needs some armor to shield and protect you from the harmful things that might cause it damage.

Let’s start with what’s basic, what simple, and what truly works.

Starting the Day Right

Aside from all the products needed for this morning skincare routine, it is also important to start your day right. Wake up earlier than usual so you have a few extra minutes to spend setting up what you will need for your new morning routine. Don't rush it, take your time, and soon it will be as easy as breathing! I talk more about the importance of getting up early and having a solid morning routine in my Rise & Shine Course- learn more here.

Wash Up with Water

Washing your face with warm water is necessary for your morning skincare routine because your skin renews every night. Also, cell reproduction takes place at night when you sleep. Removing all those dead skins and cleansing them with warm water is easy, fast, and won’t strip your skin.

Choose a Water-Based Cleanser

A water-based cleanser can be foam or gel form; you need to get what is best for your skin type. A gentle all-purpose cleanser is good to start with. Water-based cleansers are good at getting rid of impurities without stripping your skin's natural oils.

Make Sure to Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizers are a must because it locks in moisture and helps to keep your skin from drying out. When choosing a moisturizer, choose the one with SPF because it protects you from harmful sun rays that cause damage. Also, choose one that is right for your skin - oily, dry, or combination etc.

Drink Water! Water is vital for the skin and the body overall.

Water is very good for keeping your skin hydrated. Drinking enough water not only keeps your skin and body hydrated, but water also keeps your skin looking and feeling softer and plumper, and that means the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles will be reduced. Now that’s a win-win! Your body is over 70% water, and drinking enough water not only keeps your body working properly, but it also keeps your skin looking healthy from within.

Choosing products for your morning skincare routine

When choosing products, don’t just go for what you see on TV or what’s trending in social media ads, and especially not the most expensive. Sure, some expensive products might offer great results, but keep in mind, if it’s not right for your skin, you’ve spent all that money for nothing. You can pick up products that are right for you from your local grocery store to match the needs of your skin. Read reviews, and research what is best.

Let’s recap on what to do and what you need

Dara Laporta

Wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning, with a light cleanser that is right for your skin type, and won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Use a light moisturizer that is again, right for your skin type, and has an SPF in it to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your skin and yourself hydrated. Remember, drinking water is good for your health and your skin.

Aside from the morning skincare routine, you should also establish a nice evening skincare routine too. Going to bed with clean skin will reduce blemishes and frequent breakouts as well. Keep the evening routine simple too. Your evening routine should be almost the same routine you do in the morning, just skip the SPF and your tinted foundation or power, and use a non-tinted moisturizer. Your skincare routine is essential to maintain healthy, glowing skin for years to come. Really! Your efforts will pay off every time you look in the mirror.

I would love to hear what your skincare routine is? As a busy Mom and Entrepreneur, I will keep mine as simple as possible!

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