April 16, 2021

There are times in our lives that we feel down, sad, and lonely. We want and need comforting words and understanding from the people we love. We need words of encouragement to help us get through those trying times. But sometimes when we’re feeling down, and this can be the most difficult part of it all, is that sometimes, we don’t have anyone to turn to during those difficult moments.

Sometimes we only have ourselves to rely on to not give in to the sadness and loneliness. Yes, I know you might think that it’s silly for you to say those comforting words to yourself, but what you don’t realize that when we look into our eyes in the mirror, say those loving positive words out loud to ourselves, that it actually helps re-wire the brain!

Let me share some positive affirmations to try when you’re feeling down, or need an extra boost in your day.

Positive Affirmations to Try

Here are some positive affirmations that can really help you feel better. It’s good to say the affirmations out loud, but if you can’t, saying them silently to yourself is okay too. And remember, you can write your own positive affirmations if these don’t feel right to you. Your options are endless! Hey... I think I just made a new affirmation!

My options are endless! ;)

Today is getting better and better, and tomorrow is going to be a great day.

I am going to be OK.

I will overcome this. This too shall pass

I am in control of my life and it’s okay to feel sad once in a while.

Tomorrow is going to be a better day and I’m claiming it!

My life is a precious gift from God and I love it.

Today, I choose joy.

I will focus on things I can change, not the things I can’t.

I am fully in control of my thoughts and emotions.

I am loved.

I am beautiful and strong.

Here is a Short List of Things You Can Do When Youre Feeling down

Pray. Prayer can help you get through your negative feelings and trust that we are not alone and we are being heard. Trust that your prayer will be heard.

Listen to upbeat music and songs that can bring happy vibes, and help you get moving.

Try to stop dwelling on the negatives, and distract yourself by doing other things like chores, movies, or reading good books.

Journaling can be a really good way to get your thoughts and feelings out too. Oftentimes, new ideas will pop into your mind while you’re writing.

Most of us have a to-go-to friend or family member who we can talk to about anything, that we trust. So if someone close to you is available to talk to, give them a call.

Get outside if the weather allows. Go for a walk in nature. Have a short walk in the park, go biking around the neighborhood, breathe in the fresh air. Even getting out on your porch or balcony to soak in the sun can lighten your mood. It’s been proven that getting out in nature is healthy for you!

It’s not easy to have sad thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, you may not know why you even feel sad or lonely. Just keep reminding yourself that things will get better. Try the affirmations and helpful tips when you have those days. Life is full of beauty all around us and we get to discover it.

Hey...I’ve been the overwhelmed, exhausted, barely keeping her head above water mom. I’ve looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the girl staring back at me…not her body, not her soul. So please stop by my website, and let me know what you think.

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