May 25, 2018


What if you are one of those women that have never felt inspired to workout or have any kind of exercise routine. Perhaps you’ve never had to struggle with weight through your earlier years, but your body is now beginning to change. You are noticing the signs of your body shifting and a few pounds loading up on the scale. It could be for other reasons such as having children, being focused on your career, or life in general. It happens to all of us. Whatever the reason is… let me introduce you to Beachbody YOUv2, Perfect workout for Women new to Fitness.

Fortunately, Leandro Carvalho has created just the perfect workout program for women that are ready to create a new healthier lifestyle for themselves. Incorporating a fitness routine to help them reach their new fitness goals.

The message he shares is one of positivity and motivation by reminding you that there is nothing wrong with your body, your weight, or your shape. You are perfect exactly as you are. Nothing is more motivating than hearing that right?

Leandro recognized that most Beachbody Workout Programs were too hard to follow for Beginners. He realized that there needed to be a program that was fun and easy to follow. If you are like most beginners, changing your mindset and creating a new lifestyle can be frustrating and overwhelming.

Beachbody YOUv2 Workout

Is a four-week dance fitness/muscle-sculpting program designed for women who are new to exercise and those who have fallen off the exercise bandwagon and want to get back onto it.

The program features 6 workout sessions, 4 of which are cardio-based dance-like routines, and 2 slightly harder sessions based on muscle sculpting bodyweight moves. The workouts are 30 minutes long allowing for 2 days off a week.

Instead of having modifiers to help you to modify your moves when they are too advanced, they have what is called intensifiers. Intensifiers are moves that help to increase the intensity of your moves during your workout.

The Food Planning Portion of this program is the K.I.S.S.method. “Keep it simple”. Instead of having you follow a fixed meal plan, he provides you with a Meal Guide. The Guide is an easy peasy meal plan that guides you to make healthier food choices. Either way, the guide encourages you to just eat, and make a few healthier food choices to support your new lifestyle.

Got Questions? I got answers, reach out to me at the end of this blog and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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