May 21, 2018


Sometimes you just don’t feel like exercising. Maybe you’re too sore from the day before. Or perhaps you had a terrible day at work and can’t even think about trying to follow a rapid combination of exercises. This is when a calendar such as the P90X schedule can help you stay motivated.

If you’ve started a program, P90Xfor example, you are obviously committed to getting healthy and fit. Don’t let a bad day steer you off that path. Those are the days that you need to push through and stick with it.

Since I mentioned the P90X schedule, let’s use that as an example. There are three different calendars you can follow, (Classic, Lean, and Doubles), all lasting 90 days. That’s a long time to stay motivated.

Tony Horton understands these challenges (he should, it’s his program) and he has some fantastic tips for staying motivated that can be applied not only to the P90X scheduleitself but any project you have undertaken. It’s worth looking at what Tony actually has to say, but I’ll summarize here as well.

Staying Motivated

A huge part of staying motivated is not to give up. I know that seems pretty obvious, but it is essential to remember.

A schedule is flexible

Yes, the P90X program is intense, and it is important to follow it. But will it all fall apart if you miss a day? Not a chance. Just do the next scheduled workout on the first day that you can and get right back in the groove.

Real results can take time

Your best friend is the one who suggested P90X to you, and the results she had were quick and fantastic. You’re entering Phase 3 of the Lean calendar, and you do not see much changing. That’s okay. Everybody’s body is different. Even if you don’t see the same results as others, if you’re following the program, you’re making progress.

Channel your energy

Do you know that bad day at work I mentioned earlier? What better way to get your anger or frustration out than to throw yourself into your Kenpo workout? The P90X schedule is filled with cardio and vigorous exercise, so channel that anger into your movements and give yourself the workout of a lifetime.

Track your time

Remember the excitement when you were a kid and used to count down the days to end of school or your birthday? Capture that excitement again by marking the days off your calendar. Go big: blow up the calendar and use the brightest marker you have. Watching those days disappear will do wonders for your motivation.

The P90X schedule is no joke, we’re clear on that, right? But if you put yourself into the right frame of mind, you’ll be able to stay motivated for the entire three-month program. You’ll be glad you did!

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