January 22, 2018

ChaLEAN Extreme

If you’re getting tired of relying on the same old cardio routines to burn fat, it’s time for you to get a closer look at ChaLEAN Extreme. This 90-day fitness regimen mixes up the cardio with resistance training, helping you to build lean muscles that will enhance your body’s fat-burning capabilities.

General Overview and Workout Schedule

ChaLean Extreme was created by Chalene Johnson, a top-level Beachbody coach. Her program is 90 days, and it’s divided into three phases of 30 days each. The daily workouts vary but are generally 30-45 minutes each across all three stages. The exercises are five days a week with two days of rest interspersed. Take a look at Chalean Extreme calendar schedule to better understand the workout program.

How does the ChaLean Extreme program work?

Many people don’t know that muscle burns more calories than fat, with some estimates at nearly 3-5 times more. Even when muscles are at rest, they’ll burn fat. With those two things in mind, it makes total sense! The more muscle you have, the more your metabolism will speed up which will increase fat burning capabilities.

All of this combines to make ChaLEAN Extreme an attractive program for you gals, especially if you’re afraid of bulking up. The resistance training and muscle building of this program produce lean, toned muscles, giving you definition without the bulk.

Phase 1 – Burn

In Phase 1 in order to kickstart your metabolism and get your body ready to burn fat, the focus in the first month is high reps with low weights. The circuit training targets muscles throughout your body instead of focusing on specific body parts. You will feel the burn in various parts of your body as you work your way through the circuits.

Phase 2 – Push

Here’s where you reverse the process – you’ll be doing lower reps with heavier weights. Chaleneknows that resistance training is difficult, and people often quit when it gets to be too hard. So, while you’re doing similar exercises as in the Burn stage, you’re pushing yourself past your barriers to achieve your goals.

Phase 3 – Lean

In the final stage of the workout, you’re back to lighter weights, but the focus turns to balance and working on your core. The workouts are a little longer (roughly 45 minutes), and this is where you see the toning taking place.

And there you have it! Chalene Johnson has become known for her likeability and her amazing programs that have helped thousands of people. She has other workouts available, as well as a ton of exciting stuff, on her website, so go check her out!

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