January 29, 2018

Beachbody Coaching

In one of my previous posts, I listed some of the reasons that Beachbody is unique. While I was able to elaborate on the fitness and nutrition, I wanted to give some extra time to what I think sets Beachbody apart, and that is the support and the Beachbody coach structure.

What do you do as a Beachbody coach?

My most important job as a coach is to motivate and encourage people throughout their fitness journey. Each person who is a coach was once at the beginning of their journey as well. Beachbody has the whole “pay it forward”thing down.

Yes, I am responsible for cultivating new customers and helping them get the most out of their experiences with 21 Day Fix, or Insanity, or whatever program they choose. But if they don’t succeed, neither do I. If they do reach their goals, they can move forward and become coaches themselves, ready to motivate a whole new group of people.

Remember that commercial from the 70s/80s where “they tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on…”? That’s really what Beachbody Coaches do to build their business. The coaching levels also reflect the supportive and collaborative efforts of the individuals.

Coaching Levels

There are four achievable ranks of Beachbody coaches, and the higher levels have multiple tiers. Coach is the entry rank.

Active Coach

The first achievable rank is easy to reach, as all you have to do is buy or sell a product that is roughly $55 or higher. Most people do not stay at this rank for very long.

Emerald Coach

At this rank, you start to see the difference you are making in other peoples’ lives. To achieve Emerald, you need two personally sponsored coaches who signed up through you. These are usually people who you mentored that want to join your team.

Ruby Coach

Now you’re starting to grow your business. A Ruby Coach has two Emerald Coaches under them, which, of course, includes the two people that are under each of the Emerald Coaches. The jump from Emerald to Ruby is huge because you go from working with two other people to working with six other people!

Diamond Coach

This is the top level of coaching you can reach in Beachbody. To achieve Diamond, you must have two Emerald coaches and an additional six coaches of any level. So, you have two Emerald and six Active Coaches; but wait, don’t forget that those two Emerald coaches still have to have two coaches each under them as well (that’s a total of 12 people)

And here is the beauty of a Beachbody Coach. Even as you’re climbing the coaching ladder, you’re still helping people who are in turn helping other people. The network can grow infinitely. That kind of support group is necessary for building a business. But more importantly, it’s great to have the support in life as well.

Below is a graph of how all the coaching levels rank.

Coaching Level Ranks

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