December 18, 2017

Keeping that body active enough to become a Beachbody coach is a real feat. If you’ve achieved this, go you! It’s time to step it up a notch once you’ve got into the groove of things. Achieving rank as an Emerald Beachbody Coach status is a sure sign that you are on track building your business!

Having the strength and discipline to mentor other coaches comes with experience. Many of us have life-changing stories around our Beachbody fitness routine.

Stepping into Emerald Beachbody Coach Status

Becoming an Emerald Beachbody coach is really the first step to developing a business from your Beachbody coaching practice. It’s a step you’ve just got to commit to. Commit to getting training, commit to signing your spouse up, commit to whatever you need to commit to to getting a few sales.

The first major step you can take after you’ve become a Beachbody coach is achieving Emerald. This means a couple of things. One is having 50 PV, or personal volume points, from direct sales. The other is having two active coaches who are signed up to have you as their mentor. We call this having one coach on each leg

Emerald Beachbody Coach

About PV (Point Value System)

Each point is about $1 in sales, so if you’re drinking Shakeology and you can sign a couple of people up, your 50 PV should come in easily.

Don’t forget to tell people about the 25 percent discount they get when they order through you! It should be a breeze if you’re drinking Shakeology yourself. Growing a business isn’t easy. To make it manageable, we break it down into smaller steps. The first of these steps is achieving Emerald.

Growing a business isn’t easy. To make it manageable, we break it down into smaller steps. The first of these steps is achieving Emerald.

Some people feel like they’ve got to have it all together in order to start as a Beachbody coach. They want to wait until they feel perfectly comfortable and at ease to dip their toe into the waters of building a profitable business.

That mindset couldn’t be further from one that gets results. This particular step is small and manageable. It may feel like a stretch. But it’s something you can accomplish in a week with the right training and commitment.

People have their own hangups surrounding becoming Emerald. But if you’ve got two people in your client base that want to become coaches, you’re basically there! Growing and strengthening yourself is all about putting away the “I can’t” mindset

If you want a business, you’ve got to grab a couple of people to mentor and sell a few shakes. You’ve got more in your future than that! Putting yourself outside of your comfort zone is how you get ready to help others achieve their goals.

You love fitness if you’re a Beachbody coach. But your coaching is about bringing a healthy lifestyle to anyone who will put the effort forth, not just those who love fitness enough to become a coach. As you put your fears and discomfort aside, remember that it’s exactly what you want your clients to do as they work toward a healthy lifestyle!

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