December 27, 2019

“Let’s seek to be famous at home first. We can trust God with the when’s, how’s, and the what’s of our influence outside of our home. But let’s not belittle the influence He has given us inside our homes…We each have callings on our lives that we never have reason to doubt because there are certain assignments God has given to no one else.
No one else can handle your walk with Christ.
No one else can be the wife to your husband.
No one else can be the mother to your children.” @michellelmyers @sheworkshisway
This is the mission. I am proud and grateful for the opportunity I have been given as a Beachbody coach. I love what I do. But I know my greatest impact will be made in my role as a wife and mother. It is my daily prayer that the goals of my business will never overshadow the priority of my family.

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