December 27, 2019

“We serve an intentional and purposeful God. If He gave you a talent, it wasn’t because He was bored. He desires you to use it. It’s not ‘humility’ to refuse to use the gift that God has given us. It’s disobedience.” Michelle Myers
I didn’t want network marketing to be my business. I didn’t want Beachbody to be the platform where I shared my love for fitness. I had been looking for a part-time job, that I could do from home, that had decent compensation…but I didn’t want Beachbody to be my answer.
💪 As a former personal trainer, I felt “better than” some gimmicky at-home fitness product.
🙅🏼‍♀️ As a very non-confrontational person, I didn’t want to “sell” like that.
🤳 As someone who used to be quiet on social media (can you even imagine?!), I couldn’t fathom putting my life out there in that way.
🙈 As someone who DOES care what people think, I was afraid of the eye-roll scrolling and rejection.
But after years of resisting, it was the obvious answer. It was always the answer. It checked off every single box I was looking for in a part-time job.
And what about all the reasons I didn’t want to do this?
I found my own way. I overcame fears. I chose to focus on the vision I had for my family and clients instead of my doubts. I pursued personal growth. I realized that these “gimmicks” were the REAL DEAL. And most importantly, the blessing of using a gift God gave me to serve others outweighs every doubt and fear.
Ya’ll, if you are daily seeking God, and there has been a desire, a dream, or an idea that you can’t seem to get rid of, and it lines up with the natural abilities God gave you…stop delaying and go do it! ❤️

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