December 27, 2019

I’ve been the overwhelmed, exhausted, barely keeping her head above water mom.  I’ve looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the girl staring back at me…not her body, not her soul.  
In 2014, married for six years, with a two year old and twin two month old sons, this is who I was.  All I had ever wanted to do was be a mom, and yet somehow, I had completely lost myself in the mission of motherhood.  
Something had to change, so I started with my physical body.  I partnered with Beachbody, using their at-home fitness programs for the very first time.  Within just three short months, I felt more like myself than I had felt in the previous three years. 
 I found that in the discipline of showing up (in my living room) for my workout each day, I began to believe in myself again.  I found that discipline bred more discipline in my daily life.  I was going about the tasks of my day with more enthusiasm and energy.  My confidence grew and as my body transformed, more importantly, so did my mindset.  
Now, almost six years later, as a mama to four sweet babes, it is my mission and privilege to help other overwhelmed mamas.  I want you to remember how strong you are.  I want you to know what your body is capable of.  I want you to enjoy your family, enjoy your LIFE right where you’re at, not wishing the long days away continually repeating, “When they’re sleeping through the night, when they’re potty trained, when they start school...”  

I want you to live your best life today.  Starting now.  

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