December 09, 2019

Beachbody instructor Chris Downing created Shift Shop to mimic a boot camp. As a result, the program (including the nutritional guide) is put together not just to lose weight but also to create a healthier eating style that you can continue long after you’ve finished the program itself. The Shift Shop Meal Plan has a few unique features. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Shift Shop Meal Plan – What’s Different?

The Shift Shop meal plan, like other Beachbody nutrition guides, is tailor-made to enhance the exercise plan itself. However, because of the program’s intensity, there are a few differences from the other Beachbody food plans.

It’s not “portion fix.”

Several Beachbody nutrition plans rely heavily on the Beachbody container system for their portion control. The Shift Shop meal plan does not use the containers because it concentrates more on the types of foods you are eating. With that said, you can use the containers for your foods on this plan, as it will make the program even easier to follow.

You will be gradually eliminating foods

You start this program first with a quiz for you to take so you can find your proper calorie level. Then you find the plan that tells you how much to eat from a list of color-coded foods. Note that the foods are color-coded on this plan, and it is not the same as the color-coded Beachbody containers. Each week of the three-week program, your diet will slightly change.

Week One

The first week is relatively standard. You’ll start with a balance of macronutrients, including moderate amounts of legumes (peas and beans) and starches.

Week Two

As you progress into the second week, you’ll begin to cut back on the starches and legumes while increasing your protein levels.

Week Three

In the last week, you eliminate all starches and legumes. Fruits and vegetables provide the carbs you need. Protein consumption increases.

It’s not low carb

Don’t be fooled; your carb intake only goes from 40% of your daily diet in week one to 30% in week three. The key is what foods you are eating to get those carbs.

If you want to compare the Shift Shop plan to a known diet, the closest one would probably be the Paleo diet. The gradual removal of legumes and grains, and getting carbs from alternate sources, is very similar between the two eating plans.


You can still use Shakeology on the Shift Shop meal plan. In fact, since you’ll be eliminating most comfort foods from your diet, it’s a great way to curb cravings while keeping the proper nutritional levels. Be sure to follow the instructions of the plan, though, so you don’t accidentally negate your hard work

You’ll notice the sub-title of this post is “Eat to Live,” which refers to the change in mindset that is required. Eliminating junk cravings and replacing the nutritional values with healthier foods may be tough for some people. But if you can adopt a “mind over matter” attitude and stick with the Shift Shop meal plan, you will see results.

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