July 19, 2020

As women, it sometimes seems that our bodies are constantly changing. One day we can eat anything we want and not gain a pound, but the next we gain inches just by looking at french fries. Other times we might fit into the clothes we want, but have health issues that could be improved greatly by changing our eating habits. And hormone changes can be sudden and erratic, with or without having children.

We all want to be more healthy but dieting can be difficult - and boring! Junk foods are delicious, that’s why we love it. But it’s not giving us the nutrition we need to feel better. The good news is you don’t have to completely give up your favorite junk and snack foods! There are some alternatives and healthier versions that will satisfy that craving without making your body pay for it.

Healthy Junk Foods to Enjoy


There’s just something satisfying about a salty, crunchy potato chip. But the amount of trans-fats, sodium and carbs can make you feel sluggish and no less hungry. Instead of grabbing the typical chip you would pick, consider a kale chip or vegetable chip. They come in flavors that will be familiar and satisfy that need for some crunch. You can also try grain-free tortilla chips cooked in a healthy oil in place of regular tortilla chips.


One of the easiest ways to boost your energy and feel lighter is cutting down on the flour and gluten in your diet. Plenty of crackers are now being made with almond flour and rice flour. This also has the yummy flavors you’re hoping for and are great to pair with some fresh avocado.

Healthy Junk Foods

Candy bars

If you’re like me, candy and chocolate can easily become a binge that I regret. Sure, the sugary sweetness is satisfying in the moment, but it quickly fades to a sick-to-your-stomach overindulgence. Instead of a candy bar, try a healthier protein-rich bar made with nuts and dates or figs. The dates add sweetness and you’ll get a boost of energy from the nuts. You can also choose a darker chocolateinstead of milk chocolate to give in a little to your sweet tooth but at least get some antioxidants. If you enjoy making your own snacks, there are recipes for dark chocolates you can make with some basic pantry ingredients and your favorite fruits or nuts.


Lucky for us, cookies are getting a rebrand. More and more often we are seeing actual cookies made with healthy ingredients. From almond flour and nut milks to using dates and figs for sweetness, cookies are absolutely an option, even when you’re making changes to your diet. You can even make your own sandwich cookies that won’t give you a stomach ache if you eat one - or ten - too many.

Healthy Junk Foods

Cake and Pastries

With the prevalence of the internet comes a mountain of recipes for cakes and pastries using better, healthier alternatives to the typical flour and sugar. Adding in nuts and fruits can allow you to incorporate some extra nutrition, even to your treat. You can always switch out regular white flour for a nut flour as a way to improve the benefits of your pastries. And for those times you just can’t imagine going through the process of baking, there are many different Paleo and Keto-friendly cakes and pastries that use ingredients your body will love.

Healthy Junk Foods

If you have any tips about healthier versions of your favorite junk foods I would love to hear them. I’m always open to learning more about you!

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