August 10, 2020

My first rule of thumb when buying a gift for my spouse is always this...

Buy them something they WANT, but would NEVER buy for themselves!

How to Get Your Spouse a Gift They Actually Like!

Getting your spouse a gift they actually will like!

So when it comes to your spouse, this may mean splurging on the newest gadget or in my husbands’ case, a new pair of Jordans. But even better than something that can fit into a box, is an EXPERIENCE.

At this point in our marriage, material things don’t quite make the impact they used to, so when it comes to buying a gift for your spouse, think outside of the box.

Think of his hobbies...

Ten years ago, my husband was just starting his fascination with wine. So I called the sommelier at one of the nicest steak houses in our area and requested a private tour. Not only did Matt and I enjoy a beautiful dinner, but we also were granted our request for a private tour of the restaurant’s wine cellar. Matt and the sommelier talked for hours that evening and I was able to give him a unique gift he will never forget.

Think luxury...

Now that we are four kids deep, the best gift I can give my husband is a day out of the house to go golfing with his buddies or even a night alone in a hotel room on the beach where he is free from the responsibilities of the family for at least 24 hours. Trust me, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Think adventure...

Take your husband out for a day of kayaking or zip-lining or hiking! It’s easy to fall into the ordinary rhythms of normal life and forget all that there is to do and explore right in your own town.

So yes, in my opinion, the best gift is an experience, but when in doubt, the latest gadget or newest Jordans will probably do the trick too!

Do you have a great story about giving your Spouse and amazing gift? Love to hear your story. You can share your story here on my Instagram account!

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