May 16, 2022

Happy mom and little daughter doing yoga morning exercise together at bright interior home

How do you start your day? Try giving yourself a few uninterrupted moments of self-care — it’ll set you up for an amazing day.That can include exercise, journaling, preparing a delicious healthy meal, and meditating.

You’re probably thinking: that sounds great BUT how am I supposed to fit it all in when I have little ones at home? If you’re like most parents, your time is already spread too thin.

It may seem impossible — but trust me it’s not.Check out these tips and advice on creating a Morning Self-Care Routine that works for YOU (even with your little ones running around).

Plan Ahead of Time

I know, I know. You probably already plan almost everything ahead of time — but trust me, this works. Write down what you’d like to include in your morning self-care routine. Mirror Affirmations? Quick Neighborhood Walk? Reading Your Latest Novel Obsession? Whatever it may be, jot it down. Write it on your calendar, stick it on your fridge, tell Alexa (or Siri). Whatever you do: plan ahead.

When you wake up, you won’t waste any time. You’ll be ready and feel happy because you took time out of the morning for you.

Wake Up Earlier

Natural early bird? (lucky) If you’re not an early riser, get on a consistent sleep schedule. Set your wake up time to give yourself plenty oftime in the morning. Make sure you’re still getting enough sleep (7-9 hours ideally).A morning routine is supposed to heighten your productivity — NOT stunt it. Waking up earlier might help you feel more energized, too.

Do At-Home Workouts

Love going to your local gym? Are you a committed class goer? Sometimes it’s just not practical for your schedule with little ones. Try at-home workouts instead. Not only are you checking self-care off your list, but you’re still at home with your kids. No babysitter needed.

Include Realistic Tasks for Yourself

Add tasks that make sense for your life and your morning. Don’t overload. The point is to feel happy and energized — not stressed and tired. Start off small. Morning Routines are your time — completely to yourself. Focus on you, the things you enjoy and want to accomplish. It’s a time of relaxation and happy productivity (whatever that looks like for you). Add tasks that help you feel accomplished. That feeling will carry over into the rest of your day.

These are just a few tips to get you started. Tweak them to fit your lifestyle. Most importantly: take the time to care for you. You’ll feel better (and be kinder + more patient) because of it.

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