May 22, 2022

No matter your age, it can be hard to know what’s right for your body. Especially when it comes to fitness.

You want to be healthy and stay fit — but you feel like you can’t. For some reason, you’ve got a mental roadblock. It’s something like “fitness doesn’t matter anymore”orI don’t know where to start”.

Well… that’s simply not true! The truth is… the last thing you should be neglecting is your physical healthas you naturally (and gracefully) age…

So… Here are 4 Secrets to Staying Fit and Healthy in Your 40sand beyond.

1 — Try Different Workouts

Not ALL workouts will always benefit you. And that’s okay. You shouldn’t compare your younger self to your current self. Those are 2 different bodies and 2 different lives.

You most likely need to focus on flexibility. Try stretching or yoga. As we age, our muscles and connective tissue naturally get stiffer. Before you start your workout, STRETCH. This can help loosen you up so you don’t injure yourself. It can also help with your range of motion during your workouts. Plus it’s relaxing.

Another type of workout you can try is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Eventually, our metabolism slows down. HIIT workouts can help keep our metabolism up and works your heart (cardio anyone?). Sure, it’s demanding — but in the BEST way. Think this can work for you?I suggest you give HIIT a try!

Strength trainingis always a great workout. This exercise helps improve our strength and muscle growth. By doing functional and accessory moves — with weights heavy enough to struggle just a bit — you can increase joint strength and mobility,too. Plus it’s a great burner.

Whatever you decide to implement, make sure it’s something you can achieve and helps you feel good afterwards. Set yourself up for success — not perfection!

2 — Take a Walk After Every Meal

Take a 10-30 minute walk. This is an easy way to move your body throughout the day. PLUS, it can aid in digestion, advocate for a healthyand thriving metabolism, and loweryour blood sugar.

The thing is… as time goes on, digestion can slow down. Why? Because our body secretes fewer digestive enzymes. That little post-meal walk can help you digest easier and faster.

PLUS you can grab a friend or loved one and spend time together. Call up a friend, ask your partner, or take your kids with you on a walk and ask them about your day. Now you’ve got the trifecta — Exercise + Digestion Help + Quality Time = Happier & Healthier You.

3 — Listen to Your Body

This one’s important. If you try a workout (or movement) and you feel worse than before — STOP! Pain is your signal that something is wrong.We don’t want to feel pain during our workouts. Exercise is a tool. It’s meant to improve our mind & body.

In pain after any workout? Stop as soon as you notice. Ask a coach or trainer for advice when you feel better. Still not feeling good? Don’t do that move. Your body is worth protecting.

The bottom line is… There’s no shame in needing help or modifications. There are plenty of resources and people who are ready to help you. The more in tune you are with your mind and your body… the better you feel.

4 — Mindset is Everything

Our mind is the leader of our productivity. Don’t believe you’ll achieve something — then you won’t. Tell yourself you’re not good enough? Then you won’t be.

Train your mind (and your tongue) into believing that you are capable of everything. You are active at any age. Your health is worth it. You deserve it.

The sooner you stop comparing your current self to your younger self, the better. Let go of the idea that just because you’re not in your 20s anymore that you can’t be fit. You must let go, because if you don’t, then you’re not going to believe in yourself in the way you could. Don’t stunt yourself — aid yourself.

I hope these 4 secrets helped change your POV a little bit on fitness in your 40s and beyond.

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