February 18, 2019


Shakeology health benefits are considered a critical component for most of Beachbody’s programs. This critical piece we are speaking of is “Shakeology” first introduced in their 21-Day Fix Program. The protein shake is often used as a meal replacement. That’s the simple description - in reality, it’s a lot more than that.

Shakeology Health Benefits

First and foremost, Shakeology contains NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, fillers, or preservatives. This shake also gives your body a supply of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and minerals in a way that no other shake can.

What’s in it?

There are 74 ingredients in Shakeology! That’s right. Seven – Four. I’m obviously not going to bore you with listing all of them, but I am going to tell you a little bit about how they work together to make Shakeology the perfect meal replacement in your 21 Day Fixmeal plan.

For those of you that want to view the contents of this shake mix here is a link to the ingredient list and all its nutrients. pdf

Super Greens

Wheatgrass and oat grass, are common smoothie ingredients. Shakeology contains these plus other grasses that serve as antioxidants. They help protect your body against the effects of free radicals (like pollution or extensive sun exposure). Both of these are big players in our gut health and boosting our immune system.

Our gut health recently has become an important topic in the health and wellness community. Our gut health is connected to our brain health, it is often called our second brain. If our gut health is on point then we are also optimizing our brain health as well.

Your gut health alone is certainly another example of another Shakeology Health Benefits for optimizing your body functions!

Super Fruits and Veggies

Just like with the super greens, some of the superfruit powders (like blueberry and Acerola cherry) serve as antioxidants. Others boost energy (Acai berry), assist in burning stored fat (Strawberry) and aid in lowering cholesterol (Maitake mushroom).


Most of the herbs in Shakeology increase energy, strengthen the immune system and help promote weight loss in one way or another. Ginko is a well-known herb that has anti-inflammatory properties and increases blood flow to the brain (gotta get you in that exercise frame of mind!)

Other Ingredients

Shakeology includes all the essential vitamins and minerals from A to Zinc. Also, there are probiotics and enzymes to help keep your digestive system healthy.

Great, but what does it all mean?

I’m sure that’s what you’re asking yourself right about now. There are all these powders and stuff in the mix, but…so what?

The proprietary blends work together to give you the nutrients you need to keep your diet balanced. This is one reason Shakeology makes the perfect meal replacement; there are so many beneficial ingredients you won’t be missing out.

But wait…there’s more shakeology health benefits!

Now, if you think about it, some of those ingredients don’t sound like they would go together, right? I mean, mushrooms and strawberries? But Shakeology uses other ingredients like green tea and flaxseed, which help enhance the flavor of the shakes.

Even better, Shakeology comes with a calendar of recipes. That’s right, you can use other herbs and spices, or even your fruit allowance (according to your 21 Day Fix containers) to create several different flavors ensuring you’ll never get bored.

For example, are you a person who likes spicy chocolate? Put some cinnamon and chili powder in the Chocolate Shakeology for a Mexican Chocolate Shake. Do you prefer tropical flavors? Use your containers to measure frozen pineapple and mango, add them to Strawberry Shakeology and voila – tropical drinks without the airfare.

There are hundreds of recipes using Shakeology – you can even make desserts with the versatile powders! I love being able to experiment to try out new flavor combinations. But don’t just take my word for it; pick up a sample pack and see for yourself!

shakeology health benefits

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