March 04, 2019


p90x core synergistics

There is the P90X exercise program, which is an intense workout that will help build muscle while you lose weight. Now add Core Synergistics and you have P90X Core Synergistics. You’re probably wondering how this all works. Sounds like something you would use with a computer, right?

Well, your body is sort of like a computer. Everything functions properly as a whole, but there is a central area that controls the rest. When thinking in terms of fitness, core fitness is fundamentally necessary.

P90X Core Synergistics


The central area of your body is essentially your midsection. Many people think this means just abs, but it’s actually all of the muscles in the midsection plus your back and hips. This region stabilizes the rest of your body because it is your center of gravity.

Think about it for a second. If your hip is hurting, is the rest of your leg more likely to be weaker? Usually. If you’ve ever had a sore back, you know how much that little area can affect your movement.

This part of your body is also responsible for your ability to balance. A strong midsection supports the surrounding muscles. Therefore it makes perfect sense that building a strong core is an essential aspect of any exercise program. Beachbody recognizes the importance of having a strong center and created Px90 Core Synergistic.

Core Synergistics

The core fitness workout is specifically designed to strengthen the trunk muscles (abs, lats, obliques) and your lumbar spine. Targeting and strengthening these areas will allow you to achieve higher overall fitness. Let’s break it down.


If you think that this sounds like “synergy” you’d be right. Synergy means the cooperation of two or more things to produce a combined result that is greater than the individual parts. That’s exactly what these exercises do.

Core Synergistics also incorporates exercises that strengthen flexibility, resistance, cardio, and balance. You’re essentially giving your entire body the workout while targeting and strengthening your center.

How does it fit into P90X?

The program consists of an hour-long workout completed during the recovery weeks of the P90X program. The number of workouts per week is determined by which version of P90X you are using. But the great thing about this is that it can also be used as a stand-alone exercise program if you just want to strengthen your midsection.

The P90X Core Synergistics program is available in the DVD programs, but can also be found by streaming Beachbody On Demand.

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