November 10, 2017

Cast Member Becky Brossett

Over the years as a coach, the topic of, “How do you get cast member in a Beachbody fitness video?” has come up with my team of coaches and clients.

This article is for you the sports fitness enthusiasts that continue to want to elevate their goals as a Beachbody coach and become a cast member in one of their videos.

When a new video series for a workout program ready to be launched. Beachbody will cast with local agencies and on websites when looking for test group or infomercial participants. Keep an eye out on the BOD Community and our social media sites for upcoming groups.

Read this great story written by Becky Brossett, a Beachbody Coach that had a goal to become a cast member in a fitness series video. She shares her experience and how it happened to her. Take a peek at her story My Experience as a Beachbody Cast Member.

This information I am sharing is a great starting place to be able to knock it off your “BUCKET LIST” if this is one of your goals. Of course, for some of us, we just are curious about the process and what the experience would be like.

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