November 06, 2017

The 80 Day Obsession workout is unique, in the sense that has 2 phases in the program. So let’s talk about the 80 Day Obsession phase 2.

Quick Recap

80 Day Obsessionis the brainchild of Autumn Calabrese, she of the 21 Day Fix phenomenon. The full program focuses on nutrition and fitness over roughly 80 days. It is broken into phases, however, so it is easy to see your improvement. It was initially a live stream each day, and Beachbody on Demand has kept the workouts intact, so you will never repeat a workout.

Phase 1 serves as an introductory month. It’s still tricky, but it focuses on introducing you to the exercises and methods that you will be using throughout the program. You will also learn proper techniques (to minimize injury) and how to utilize the nutrition plan.

While it is intense, if you have been physically active for a few months (even if it was just walking around your neighborhood), you could still give this program a try. Just remember to modify if or when you need to and take breaks when necessary. The goal is to get through the program, not to push yourself so hard that you injure yourself and can’t finish.

80 Day Obsession Phase 2 Difference from Phase 1


If Phase 1 was about learning the basics, Phase 2 is about putting it all together. The routines become complicated, you’ll combine exercises, and the moves are more intense. Also, weight training features heavily in 80 Day Obsession Phase 2. Weights add resistance, which helps to burn calories. The use of weights also, however, increases the chance of injury. That is one reason the proper technique is stressed during Phase 1.

A look at the calendar for Phase 2 shows that your workouts increase in length, although they do remain on set days. Because of the intensity of the program, and because the nutrition plan is unique, it is vital to do the workout as scheduled.

Now, by that, I mean in the order as specified. Obviously, if you have a work or family emergency, or you overdid it on AAA-day, you don’t want to push too hard by doubling up or skipping a workout; that’s just asking for trouble. Simply shift everything and pick up with the 80 Day Obsession Phase 2 workout that you missed.

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