May 30, 2020

People read countless self-help books and watch endless videos on "how to be successful." But honestly, for me personally, it all comes down to one simple mantra.

"Something is better than nothing."

Something really is better than nothing, How to Be successful and Not get overwhelmed

I believe in a good brain dump- writing down every single thing that is swirling in your head, causing stress, feeling overwhelming, from the little things like scheduling appointments to the big things like a big work project. Put it down on paper.

Getting all the things out of your head and on a sheet of paper immediately increases your capacity to think and focus and exercise creativity. I do this every single morning.

But what I do next might surprise you. I look at my list, take it all in, and I say, “I will not get everything done today and that’s okay.”

This gives me the freedom to focus on the important and the urgent. This gives me the margin to be flexible with my time and handle interruptions as they come (without a complete freak out) because I already know I’m not going to get it all done. I’ve released that expectation.

Lowering your expectations is not a popular theme in today’s #girlboss, #bossbabe, #hustleharder, #doallthethings culture. You’re probably not going to read about managing your expectations in the next big motivation book you pick up.

And don’t get me wrong...when I say “lower your expectations” I don’t mean dream smaller or believe in yourself less. I do mean, be realistic with the time you have. Be honest about your priorities and stick to them.

When I give myself permission to not get EVERYTHING done, it takes away that feeling of overwhelm and allows me to move forward and get SOMETHING done. Overwhelm often causes paralysis. Paralysis often leads to doing NOTHING, taking no action, not moving forward.

"Something really is better than nothing."

I’m a mom of four young children who runs an online fitness business from home. I had to let go any idea of getting it all done a long time ago. My day almost never goes the way I thought it would. Plans shift and tasks change.

As a wellness coach, this is something I talk a lot about with my clients. They become frustrated and discouraged when they miss a workout or their workouts are interrupted by the doorbell or the lawn guy or their kids. I teach them that they have to find the small wins in getting SOMETHING done. The all-or-nothing mentality is just not sustainable...not for your fitness and not for your life.

Are you more of a "Something is better than nothing," type of person? Or are you more likely to forgo doing anything that you can't dedicate lots of time to?

Let me know in the comments which type of person you are!

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