November 27, 2017

I did my Insanity workout in Utah, and it was amazing! I am used to living at sea level, and the challenge of doing my workouts at that altitude was great. Continue reading for my review on Insanity Max 30...

Insanity Max 30

On vacation, I only missed one workout. I missed Friday Night Fight. I gained just two pounds and ate a lot of stuff I probably shouldn’t have.

But overall, I am counting it as a victory for myself. Missing one workout and gaining two pounds is not too bad.

Since I skipped my reviews, I am doing weeks two and three of the review together.

Insanity Max 30 Review

During my last workout, I maxed out at 20 minutes and nine seconds of strength training.

There were no water breaks that I remember. It was incredibly tough. I did more push-ups than I ever thought possible.

For this workout, you do cardio instead of recovery breaks. It was just really tough. I am a little bit intimidated because the workouts are constantly changing, but I enjoyed the tough workouts. I found a new competitive streak that I didn’t know existed.

Move of the Day - Plank Jack In and Out

If you have any additional feedback or want to share your experience with Insanity Max 30, love to hear from you. You can find more Insanity Max 30 moves of the day challenges here!

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