November 05, 2018

Rockin Body Schedule

Shaun T’s Rockin Body workoutis designed to take care of your exercise needs through dancing. So, if you’re looking to have some fun while you burn calories, you should look at this beginning/intermediateRockin Bodyschedule workout program for beginners/intermediate.

There are five different routines to learn that will then be on different days of the week throughout the four weeks. Mixing it up keeps the routines fresh. It will also prevent you from skipping a day if you aren’t a fan of the music (or any other excuse) because of the routines alternate. In other words, the variety keeps you honest and on the Rockin Body schedule.

So, what types of dancing will you be doing? Let’s look.

The Workouts

Mark, Move & Groove

In the 15-minute introductory video, Shaun T demonstrates the moves and steps that make up the routines. You complete it once each on the first two days of the program, but you can always go back and repeat it for a refresher.

“Rockin Body” Dance Workouts

Party Express

The first real workout is a 25-minute, high tempo workout. Note that the first few times you do a routine, it will be at a slower pace. In the later weeks, you will be performing them at faster tempos that will maximize your burn.

Disco Groove

The music will make you want to get out those platform shoes and bellbottoms, but please don’t wear them for this routine! The fast tempo and intricate moves require sturdy shoes and uninhibited movement. Imagine yourself dancing the night away at Studio 54 and the 35 minutes will go by quickly.

Shaun T’s Dance Party

Some of the best dance songs the 80s had to offer play during this super-fun 45-minute workout. You’ll be having so much fun at the house party that you’ll forget you are exercising.

Other Workouts

Rock It Out

Here are your sculpting and toning days. You’ll be completing strength training (with dumbbells for added results) during the 45-minute rock ‘n’ roll-inspired workout.

Hard Core Abs

You can guess the focus of this workout from the title: it’s a 10-minute abdominal workout.

Booty Time

Don’t be fooled; you’ll be working your hips and abs, as well as your buns, during this 30-minute, lower body workout.

There’s your breakdown. It’s important to note that on the Rockin Body Schedule, you’ll often be doing two routines on the same day. For example, you might do Party Express and Disco Groove on Day Six, or Booty Time and Rock It Out on Day Four. The only stand-alone days are Shaun T’s Dance Party – that one never combines with another workout.

Rockin Body Schedule

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you’ve seen the Rockin Body Schedule get your dancing moves ready and go exercise!

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