October 21, 2020

There aren't many things in this world today that are simple. Thankfully, these simple beauty trends for the upcoming 2021 year are just that. For all my beauties out there who value simplicity and natural, this is your year to shine.

simple beauty trends for 2021

Natural “no make-up” Look

Now, this is a movement I can get behind! Can I get a “hallelujah”?? If you’re like me and can go a day (or two) without even thinking about putting on make-up, you are rejoicing at this trend. These simple beauty trends will make your beauty routine so much easier.

This is all thanks to a new beauty mindset that revolves around the premise that “less is more.” Instead of layering on heaps of heavy foundation and powders on your face, you can now take a minimalist approach to your makeup routine. But what do these simple beauty trends look like?

“No makeup” makeup

The goal is to have a fresh-faced look that looks natural and highlights your pure beauty. This can include a super light foundation that just lightly covers your face or, if you prefer, just go without foundation altogether. A hint of mascara and a soft rosy blush will work together to give you a fresh, youthful look. If you want to add a little more to your look, you can add a bit of natural lip color.

Dewy complexion

A dewy reflection makes your face look naturally healthy by reflecting light to create a radiant look. Often described as “luminous” and “glowing,” a dewy finish uses natural oils to reflect light.

Rosy hints

Adding a hint of neutral pink on your cheeks, lips, or eyes is an easy way to look more youthful. With the winter weather approaching, this is a great technique to use.

simple beauty trends for 2021
Dual-purpose skincare products

Dual-purpose skincare products

Say goodbye to buying 10 different products for your skincare routine! These simple beauty trends will not only cut down on our carbon footprint but will be adding space to your bathroom counter. To help you streamline your routine, more and more brands are creating products that serve more than one purpose. Products like a “moisturizing toner” or “exfoliating facial mask” will soon be filling the store shelves and your bathrooms.

More organic, cruelty-free, and non-animal products

Keeping with the theme of simplifying, many companies are looking for simpler ingredients to put in their products. Many people will rejoice to hear that more organic and vegan-approved products will be making their way to your beauty aisle soon.

No matter what your style is, stay true to yourself and get out there and rock it!

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