October 26, 2020

Congratulations! You took the leap and started your own business. You are finally making your dreams a reality. You are now a female entrepreneur. But what if you’ve never run your own business before and feel clueless about what to do? Or what if you’ve been at it a while but still aren’t seeing success? It's easy to look at successful female entrepreneurs and think they have some big secret to success that you don't. Here’s a little secret: successful female entrepreneurs are not superhumans. They’re just like you! Want to know how they got where they are?

top 10 tips for female entrepreneurs

Keep reading to learn the top 10 tips for female entrepreneurs.

1. Stop dreaming and start doing

Achieving anything in life is going to require a lot of action on your part. The only way to reach your goals is to stop dreaming about doing them “one day’ and get the ball rolling! Yes, that probably means you will have to do some things that are outside your comfort zone. And yes, you may get knocked down, but you are a rockstar! Get up, adjust your crown, and keep going.

2. Get organized

Have you ever seen a successful person who procrastinated their work? Or had a cluttered workspace? No, and you probably won’t. Prosperous female entrepreneurs know how to make a schedule, keep their workspace free of clutter, and prepare for their day the night before so their day will go smoothly.

3. Be willing to make mistakes

Mistakes will happen and it is ok! You’re not going to know everything you need to right away. When mistakes happen just acknowledge them and move on. Don’t give up! Successful female entrepreneurs know how to learn from their mistakes and change their strategies to achieve their goals.

4. Work with other successful female entrepreneurs

Out of all the tips for female entrepreneurs, this one is probably the most impactful. You become like what and who you surround yourself with. Once you realize this you will start surrounding yourself with positive, ambitious, and like-minded people. Successful female entrepreneurs are picky about who they work with and you should be too! Find people you admire and who can exchange ideas and work together on projects with. They will be your greatest assets in reaching your business goals!

top 10 tips for female entrepreneurs

5. Stop making excuses

How many times have you said, “I just don’t have the time”? Well, while you were postponing your work, other female entrepreneurs were working hard to get closer to their goals. Successful female entrepreneurs stop making excuses and get their priorities straight. The time will pass anyway, might as well make it worthwhile. Now it is your turn to be a lady boss and make your dreams a reality.

6. Be persistent

In the business world, persistence is synonymous with success. Stick with the things that will make you successful and you won’t fail!

7. Be yourself

Don’t try to copy other female entrepreneurs and don’t try to be someone you're not. People can sense phoniness a mile away. There will always be people who don’t like you. You can’t make everyone happy- you are not a cupcake! But showing people your genuine self will attract the right kind of people.

8. Give it time...then a little more

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Success is a marathon, not a sprint. (Okay, I’m done with cliches) But seriously, you will not see success overnight. It takes time and the timeline is different for everyone. Don’t let that discourage you! Five years of hard work is nothing compared to forty years of being unhappy in a job you hate.

9. Believe in yourself

If you’re going to beat the odds, you can’t rely on other people to lift you up. It’s an inside job! You have to believe in yourself and know that you are a rockstar and you were made to do this. If you’re not in that mindset yet, start working now on some self-development and get to the place you need to be.

10. Work on your mindset...daily!

Considering that 80% of your results are directly impacted by your mindset you can see why it’s a big deal! If your mindset is bad, you will not have good results in your business or personal life. One thing that all successful female entrepreneurs have in common is that they spend at least thirty minutes a day on their mindset. This could be reading a personal development book or even listening to an audiobook. However you choose to work on your mindset, consistency is key!

Things will get hard and you will probably feel like throwing in the towel at least once. There will be days where you question yourself and your dream. Don’t do it! Your dreams are possible and you are worth it! Stick with these top 10 tips for female entrepreneurs and you will succeed.

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