March 09, 2018

Shawn T

Here you go, Shaun T has created a 6-week program, performed 6 days a week, 20 minutes workouts using a Step, and named it Transform: 20. Shaun T, Transform: 20 will challenge your body for 20 minutes and claims to you will see maximum results in 6 weeks.

Your sessions will include using a Step so you will burn a massive amount of calories and a total body workout.

There are Three Phases to Transform: 20




Each phase increases in intensity and builds one upon the other.

Each workout has a different name:

  • Burn
  • Faster
  • Stronger
  • Powerful
  • Cut
  • Balance

Burn, Faster, Stronger, Powerful, and Cut are Monday Through Friday are intense.

You’ll be doing lots of fast foot movements up and down the step to lots of pushups, lots of burpees, and lots of abs. This first workout will test you, but just keep going, you will get stronger and the pay off will be an emotional high that will push you onward.

Balance incorporates stretching, lighter cardio, and strength work on Saturday. It’s the perfect ending to the week.

Each workout has 3 “Transformers.” A Transformer is a move timed for a minute where you have to push yourself to complete as many reps as possible. You track these in the Transformation Trackers. This will measure your improvements week-to-week.

Who is this workout for?

Anyone looking for a quick intense workout

Loves’ Shaun T

Wants to tone and shred up

Loves doing full body weight (no weights)

The number one question for most of you. Can Beginners do Transform 20?

YES! There is a modifier in every workout. Remember this is an intense workout so go at your own pace. Beginners need not worry about keeping up with the advanced exercises. That will come as you advance over time.

Are you ready to give it a go? Don’t let the word intense be deterrence from giving Transform: 20 a go. The results will be worth it and by the time you finish the 6-week program, you won’t feel like a beginner anymore.

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