November 06, 2019

Friday-Sunday, I gain 2-3 pounds.
Monday-Thursday, I lose 2-3 pounds.
This is what maintenance looks like.
It looks like 5-6 days of workouts.
It looks like pizza on Saturday night.
It looks like a salad for lunch during the week.
It looks like enjoying the weekend with friends and family.
It looks like falling off track a little bit, but knowing how to get back ON track.
It looks like having a PLAN that works for YOU to come back to every Monday.
That is what I’ve found in the last few years. My health and fitness did not always have such gentle ebbs and flows. The edges were rough and the corners sharp. But I’ve learned a lot. It’s taken a lot of trial and error to figure out what works for me.
But every misstep, every setback, the discouraging days and the bloated days…they have all been worth it to find my version of #happyhealthy. — in Tampa, Florida.

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